My hemorrhoid surgery

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   Posted 9/4/2010 1:21 PM (GMT -6)   
I had hemorrhoid surgery yesterday and have suffered mightily since. I started to maintain a blog to document what has happened and would appreciate any advice as to how to manage the pain.

Thank you
Bear, Delaware

Those who don't want to access the blog can view my thoughts below.

Day 1 Friday 9/3/2010
• Report to the hospital 6:32 a.m.
• Surgery started at 9:15 a.m.
• Surgery over at 10:10 a.m.
• Directions along with supplies provided by hospital
o 10 mg Percocet 1-2 tablets every 6 hours
o Take stool softener & laxative. (Colace & Milk of Magnesia)
o Wipe anal area with cotton after going to the bathroom
o Soak in Sitz bath as often as needed.
o Eat high fiber diet. (Fiber One cereals, pears, bananas)
o Two best friends will be the bath and the medicine.
• First sign of pain was at 12:05 p.m. upon exiting the hospital. Spirits very good until early evening as anesthetic wore off.
• Shopping list included the following items:
o Ginger Ale
o Huggies baby wipes
o Cottonelle wipes
o Extra strength Tylenol
o Colace
o Perdiem
o Sparkling water
o Pears
o Crisp vegetables.
o Lettuce, tomato
o Soup
o Oatmeal
o Saltines
• Pain limited desire to eat and sleep. Consumed ½ bowl of oatmeal, 2 slices of water melon and a couple of crackers over a 24 hour period. Slept approximately 2 hours the first night.
• Complications:
o Percocet caused nausea. (found that at her weight of 104 lbs it was best to take only a ½ of a tablet wait 30 minutes and take other half. Used anti-nausea medicine to control urge to throw-up)
o Extreme pain could not be managed. Onset of this type of pain around 11 hours after surgery.
o Unable to urinate.
• Called doctor around 9 p.m. with concern about high temperature of 99.7, nausea, inability to urinate and question as to whether a topical numbing solution could be applied. Doctor said the following:
o Medical professionals do not considered a patient to have a fever until the temperature reached 100.7.
o Nausea is a side effect of the narcotic
o Doctor recommended soaking in luke warm water to help with urination. Also gave instructions to limit fluid intake until the body began processing fluids.
o No topical solutions can be applied to relieve the pain.
• At the worst spent the night laying on the bathroom floor doubled up in pain.
• Meds at 12 p.m., 4 p.m. 8 p.m., 1 a.m.,

Day 2 Saturday 9/4/2010
• Extreme pain continues to limit ability to sleep and eat.
• Called doctor again at 9:15 a.m. no answer until
• Relief found with the used of the Sitz bath and warm soaks in the tub.
• Able to urinate after soaking in warm water.
• Medication is does not help to manage the pain.
• First bowel movement around 1 p.m. was not as painful as anticipated. Pressure relieved when gauze used to pack the area was forced out. Found Tucks pads to be cooling to wipe the area.
• 2nd bowel movement occurred approximately at 10 p.m pain was more severe that what was experienced during the 1st bowel movement.
• Meds at 5 a.m., 9 a.m., 1 p.m.
• Consumed ½ bowl of soup in early afternoon.
• Became concerned about the lack of preparation for the surgery after researching the Internet for potential methods of pain relief.
o No communication from the doctor in the weeks leading up to the surgery. Most document a change in diet recommended by the doctor at least one week in advance of surgery.
o No recommendation of first night hospital stay.
o No medical professional assigned to observe the area for excessive bleeding in the immediate hours following the surgery.
o No instruction as to how to respond to complications such as no ability to urinate.
o Some patients claim that topical solutions such as Americaine were effective in reducing pain.
o No steroid or antibiotic was prescribed.
• 28 hours post surgery very little change in condition. Severe pain, limited appetite and no ability to sleep.
• 2 p.m. washed hair and showered for the first time post surgery.
• Spirits lifted after showering. Still in pain but able to think clearly and move around a bit.
• Another trip to the store for supplies:
o Staphoseptic
o Balneol (Hygienic cleansing lotion)
o Tucks cream
o Neosporin + pain reliever (applied immediately with no effect)
o Large ice pack
• Made an attempt to apply topical lidocaine solution called Staphaseptic.
• Switched to Tylenol PM at 11 p.m. in hopes of gaining some sleep.

Day 3 Sunday 9/4/2010
• Slept better (about 6 hrs) but pain still very bad. The pain itself was a bit different than than the night before when I felt pressure along with the terrible feeling of having razor blades in my butt.
• Soaked in Sitz bath three times throughout the night.
• Woke at 5 a.m. to take Percocet.
• Pain seems to be more difficult to manage at night as opposed to the daylight hours.
• Only eating saltines and nothing else.

More to come

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   Posted 9/6/2010 8:41 PM (GMT -6)   

Is it the pain that is still the biggest issue? Hopefully this will get better in time. Have you talked to the docotr about it all and did they give you a timeframe for the pain, like a week or something?
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Please make sure you have your symptoms diagnosed by a medical practitioner or a doctor.

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   Posted 11/1/2010 5:10 PM (GMT -6)   
  I am a 57 year old male who had THD surgury on 10-1-2010 the literature on the procedure said I could return to work and a normal routine in 36 to 48 hours and I asked the doctor if this was true, he said everyone is diffrent. Ok an extra day or two was what I was expecting. My torture was almost word for word as you described. I was off work for three weeks and my first week back at work was very difficult. when I questioned the doctor he said I was a severe case and I waited to long.I had both internal and external roids. I felt betrayed because he should have told me this upon examination. I then could have altered my plans accordingly. It has been a full month now and I still have some pain. I hope it was worth it as I will never do it again! Please remember you are not alone in your ordeal. Best wishes for a pain free recovery, Bazoodo

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   Posted 6/18/2013 1:42 AM (GMT -6)   
Please reply asap please: I had PPH and evasion tags with my surgery (hemorroidectomy) and now 2:40am hava excessive amount of gas. Wife took the anal area gauze (some blood) and now it seems I have something in there that I can't pass gas. She is on her way to the pharmacy as I am in pain. Does the inner look like tampon needs to be removed? I have not gone to the bathroom for a bowel movement yet, but have lot's of gas. Thanks for your response. If not tomorrow I will call the doctor's office or hospital that performed the surgery.

Razor Butt
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   Posted 11/29/2013 9:35 PM (GMT -6)   
Most painful experience.
One should think twice about having procedure done.

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   Posted 11/30/2013 7:55 PM (GMT -6)   
Ray, you posted on a very old thread. The people likely no longer visit this site. I suggest you call your surgeon. If he is not on call, he will have someone covering for him that should be able to answer your questions.
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old nana
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   Posted 12/1/2013 3:22 PM (GMT -6)   
I have just had my 4 op for piles and skin tags.had general annasticac was done on 8 nov.not too much pain I am not on meds .,I have been getting very bad shakes since this normal? I don't live in the us.would be happy for any help

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   Posted 12/1/2013 6:45 PM (GMT -6)   
Do not know why you would have shakes since surgery. Sounds like something to run past your doctor.
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   Posted 6/24/2014 4:51 PM (GMT -6)   
I was suffering from Hemorrhoid from last 15 years. I tried everything from herbal medicine, exercise, online supplement, 25 mg hydrocortisone suppository, high fiber diet, stool softener, etc. However I always got temporary relief and never able to achieve Hemorrhoid free life.

Last month I decided to go for surgery and started researching. For almost two weeks I research on Ultroid and CRH O'Regan Banding procedure. I decided against CRH as I read some very painful reviews. But let me say that for some people CRH... work really well.

I didn't go for it as I didn’t want to take any chance/pain and decided to go for Ultriod ( as it is painless and in worst case scenario it won't work for me.

I am in Atlanta and I choose Dr Moin Kazi near Perimeter.

First visit he diagnose me with level 2-3 Hemorrhoids . To be precise multiple internal hemorrhoid . I scheduled for procedure two days after.

During my consultation I asked following questions.

- What is the cost if you don't have insurance? - $350
- What is his success rate? He said he only treat level 2-3 hemorrhoid , anything about it requires multiple visit and may not be able to fully treat it. For level 2 he kills it in one visit.
- What are the chances of hemorrhoid coming back? He said that same hemorrhoid won't come again, but other may popup down the line if you don’t watch what you eat.
- Why other doctors are not offering it. CRH O'regan is offered by more than 20 docs and Ultriod is offer by only 3 docs in Atlanta area. He told me its profit. They spend 1 hr and get only $300 from insurance company. For CRH it is much more.

On procedure day he started by applying some numbing cream in affected area. Waited for 20 mins, applied lubricant and then inserted 3/4" diameter tube which will create a passage to insert electric pulsing device.

When he was inserting the tube it was painful. Though it was bearable pain, it lasted throughout the procedure. When he was applying current I didn't feel it much as I guess I was still under pain because of that tube.

He said I have multiple internal hemorrhoid and he is killing the bigger one. He applied electric pulse for 12 mins and then done ...

As soon as he removed the tube, I felt better. No pain. I clean myself and was able to drive home comfortably. No pain whatsoever. Just for precaution I took couple of Tylenol.

Post Procedure Recovery

- After procedure I didn't feel any pain and I can feel difference while relieving myself.
- I still feel little bit of burning sensation for 15-20 mins but no pain.
- No bleeding after procedure.
- Its one week now and I feel much better. I feel like it is gone for good.

Also, I believe there is no permanent solution for Hemorrhoid. Root cause is hard stool and weak digestive system. If you don’t fix it, chances are good that you will get hemorrhoid again.

To improve my digestive system I started doing yoga – most effective is Kapalbhati and Pranayam.

To soften the stool, Prune and Senna works for me. I get dried Prune from Costco and eat 5 Prune every day before going to bed. I also have Senna supplement, which I use every now and then. Over the counter stool softener doesn’t work for me.
Also I order Betaine Hydrochloride supplement as I believe that I am low on stomach acid which helps digestion.

Following is good link on yoga and diet -

Overall I am very happy with Ultriod treatment. I believe it is least painful procedure available for hemorrhoid. I would recommend it to anyone who is suffering from last many years. If you have level 4 Hemorrhoid, then you should consider banding procedure.

Hopefully this will help.

Stay Hemorrhoid Free, Live Better.

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   Posted 9/9/2014 8:04 AM (GMT -6)   
Had banding ligation yesterday on 4 stage 2 hemorrhoids. I was put under sedation, woke up with a lot of dull pressure in my bum area but that's normal the nurse said. No pain! All day I had just the pressure feeling of having to go to the bathroom, but it again was only the pressure. Today very little pain but still have not had a bowel movement. I'm scared too. The hemorrhoid pain I had before banding was awful and unbeatable. To anyone that has so much pain after banding, I'm so sorry your going through that. I had a great surgeon I guess. Now just curious of what's to come when I have a bowel movement. Lots of water I hear, but just afraid band will come off and have that old pain again. Let's hope for the best.
Would I do it again if I had too? Yes!
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