Prednisone Hunger

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   Posted 1/19/2009 9:15 AM (GMT -6)   
Does anyone feel like they are starving all the time while taking the prednisone? I feel like I have to eat or I will get really jittery,sweaty, and shaky.I get like that anyway on prednisone but not eating a lot makes it worse for me. The hard part is of course eating causes more bathroom time. My flare is finally subsiding so I can eat more but it is just annoying.
Female Currently Breastfeeding (All my meds are approved by the doc. for breastfeeding but they still make me nervous)
In a flare since beginning of December 08
Left-sided colitis diagnosed at age 28 in 2001
Asacol 4 pills 2 times per day lower dose due to breastfeeding
Hydrocortisone and Rowasa Enemas as needed
Prednisone 40mg Haven't started tapering yet (still bleeding and urgency)
Zoloft,Prenatal vitamins,Juice Plus,Expecta DHA,Emergen C,Probotic and Udo's Oil when I remember:(

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   Posted 1/19/2009 9:39 AM (GMT -6)   
Yes...the feeling of starvation is one I am very familiar with. Unfortunately I always had my hunger issues when I woke up for bathroom breaks and could not get back to sleep b/c of the insomnia side effect. So, I munched on pretzels and crackers...lately it's been rice cakes.

I have gained a substantial amount of weight partially because of this prednisone hunger, and partially because of water weight.

Prednisone is interesting!
Dx-May 2007  Asacol-2400mg bid  Prednisone-20mg  Remicade-5 Tx
Paxil-40mg  Prilosec-bid  Multivitamin  Moderate/Severe Pancolitis
28 year old Mommy of a 1 year old and a Wife for almost 2 years!
Life has never been so sweet!  I appreciate the small things in life...the little joys that occur every second of every day.  Though we struggle and have crazy complications, nothing can over ride our love and happiness.
Meeting with a surgeon next week...and hopefully scheduling the surgery by the end of the month!

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   Posted 1/19/2009 10:40 AM (GMT -6)   
If you can handle them I suggest the baby carrots you can find in the stores. Stock up and munch on them. I get snacky but to try and prevent even more weight gain I try and crunch veggies. I don't like bananas myself but thats also a good snack idea.
Imuran 150 mgs/day
Prednisone 15 mgs/day
Diagnosed UC Sept. 2007
Cal-Mag and Iron supps

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   Posted 1/19/2009 11:19 AM (GMT -6)   
I agree with the previous poster, definitely do healthy snacks if that is possible. 
I admit I'm starving when I'm on prednisone - but I can keep it at bay at night.  During the day I try to eat mini meals and that seems to keep me from chewing my arm off. 
Diagnosed January 07 - but realize I've been living with minor flare-ups for 10+ years. 
Asacol 2 pills/3 times a day. 
Flaring and back on Prednisone.  Big sigh . . . . . .

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   Posted 1/19/2009 1:00 PM (GMT -6)   
Its kind of unbelievable how hungry I am. Yesterday I think I just kept eating everything. This is my first time I have been on prednisone and I do feel a lot better. I did just lose like 12lbs with my current flare, but it is weight that I needed to take off. I have been trying not to eat anything high in carbs and drink lots of water. Its tough. I went from  not being able to eat anything to this! UGH.

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   Posted 1/19/2009 1:49 PM (GMT -6)   
The munchies was one of the things I enjoyed about pred. I figured it was better to be hungry and gaining weight than to have no appetite and be wasting away. I would go to bed at night planning what I'd have for breakfast and wondering how early I could get up. LOL
Diagnosed with ulcerative colitis spring 1999.
Maintenance dose sulfasalazine. Probiotics, l-glutamine, vitamin D and fish oil caps. George's aloe vera juice. Oregano oil antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal. Mostly grain-free and dairy-free diet. Long-term remission with only minor blips.

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   Posted 1/19/2009 2:05 PM (GMT -6)   
You might try dividing up your dose of Pred throughout the day so it stays constant. The hunger will still be there, but the shaky/jittery feeling might not be from could be from the medicine not staying constant in your body. The first time I took Pred, I was told to take it once a day. I would notice that when I got close to my next dose, I would feel really sick. I ended up dividing my dose into 4 doses a day instead of once a day, and I saw a huge improvement.
Female, Age 38
Diagnosed w/c.diff 7/02 when pregnant w/1st and only child during 2nd trimester(wasn't on antibiotics)
C.diff flare within weeks of delivering baby 1/03, Diagnosed with UC 2/03
Current Meds:
75mg 6-MP
Ferrex Forte
Acidophillus, Sacchromyces Boulardii, Oil of Oregano

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   Posted 1/19/2009 2:07 PM (GMT -6)   
     Guess I am a weird one.  Prednisone actually dampens my appetite.
62 yr old granny. South Jersey
Diagnosed with ulcerative proctitis in 1998 in hospital
Hospitalized (2nd time) in May 2008
Update 11/03/08...finally in remission!!  Hope I don't jinx myself.  Off the prednisone since 11/01/ see if I can stay off for longer than two weeks.  Other meds: 6MP (75 mgm), colazal (6 per day), Benicar and Toprol (high blood pressure meds), Probiotic (2 per day), fish oil capsule and multi-vitamin and calcium with vitamin D.

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   Posted 1/19/2009 2:58 PM (GMT -6)   
I've been on Prednisone for quite some time and the hunger issues subside. I wish I could have handled fresh veggies, but they are very hard on me. I did do well with pickles for awhile but learned they also caused some serious issues.

Each person is definitely different in the way their bodies react to the medications. I never really had the jittery feelings...just the initial hunger and insomnia...but that ended within a week or so. Ooo...also this last time I ate a lot of rice cereal with rice milk...that was normally my in between meals snack...or a meal in general depending on how I felt.

I know it's difficult going through side effects like this...hang in there!!!

: ) Robin
Dx-May 2007  Asacol-2400mg bid  Prednisone-20mg  Remicade-5 Tx
Paxil-40mg  Prilosec-bid  Multivitamin  Moderate/Severe Pancolitis
28 year old Mommy of a 1 year old and a Wife for almost 2 years!
Life has never been so sweet!  I appreciate the small things in life...the little joys that occur every second of every day.  Though we struggle and have crazy complications, nothing can over ride our love and happiness.
Meeting with a surgeon next week...and hopefully scheduling the surgery by the end of the month!

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   Posted 1/20/2009 8:12 AM (GMT -6)   
When I'm on a higher dose of pred, I have so much energy I don't have time to eat and actually loose weight. As I taper off the hunger comes and I have to FIGHT not to eat everything in the house and blimp up as big as a house.
38 yr old male, NE Ohio, diagnosed Aug 2008, but been with symptom since Nov 2007
30 mg pred, 9 balsalazide, rowesa nightly, 2 gemfibrozil, 1 norvasc, 1 metoprotol, 1 allopurinol, 2 probiotic, 2 aloe vera tabs
Following gluten free diet as well as spinach/sunflower regime
**down to 25 mg of pred 12/25/08 **down to 20mg of pred 1/7/09
MED CHANGE: 1/13/09-- 4 Lialda, 2 Pamine Forte, 1 Florajen3 probiotic, 2 Aloe Vera tabs, Rowesa every other night, 20 mg of Pred, Lomotil as needed, 2 gemfibrozil, 1 norvasc, 1 metoprotol, 1 allopurinol

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   Posted 9/3/2009 7:48 PM (GMT -6)   
I know your pain!

I am on Prednisone and I feel like I am starving all the time! I try to keep to regular meals, but it is so hard. I end up eating like 5 or 6 meals a day... I know I need to stop eating so much, but it is impossible.

For me, I have NO snacks around the house (I'm a poor college student anyways). This forces me to actually think about eating before I do it. I generally can wait a few hours then will go make myself a sandwich or mac and cheese or something, instead of constantly snacking.

I guess eat a lot of smaller meals. I have been having (relatively) small meals more frequently throughout the day. While I am still eating more than usual, I at least make sure not to binge on anything at one time because I know I will be hungry later anyways.

I will have to try the baby carrots thing (though I am not a big fan of them).
20 year old female
diagnosed with UC July 2007, had symptoms since January 2007.

Current medications:
4 Lialda/day
1.5 6MP/day
1 Canasa/day
1 application Cortifoam/day

Still having severe flare-ups :(

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   Posted 9/3/2009 8:08 PM (GMT -6)   
Yes I get jittery when it is meal time while on pred...I try and eat six smaller meals a day and I try to eat lots of fruit...but sometime I crave junk. But I also feel better so I am more active so I only gain a few pounds which is mostly water weight anyways :) Goos luck...I know how it feels to be hungry all of the time.
UC since 2002- had remission for 6 years
recent flare 05/09- severe flare- pancolitis
Currently trying lialda and not sure if I like it, multivitamin, probiotics, fish oil, iron supplement
 tapered off prednisone 8/21/09

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   Posted 9/3/2009 10:02 PM (GMT -6)   
Ok seriously guys, as I was reading the replies to these posts, my hunger went from 10 to 10 million and I just went downstairs and ate fish, crackers, bread and pasta salad! I know I am going to be paying for it in about 3-4 minutes. I am coming off of a flare and am still on Prednison 40mg until I can start to taper next Friday- ugh! The worst thing for me has got to be the insomnia and I hate my newfound acne! It's worse than puberty:( I usually don't binge like that but I ate a real early dinner and now that it's 11p, my stomach was aching for food-lol! I can't wait to be done with the Prednisone already. I have surgery in 1 month and 2 days and can't wait! I just hope I can taper off of it do actually have surgery...
Diagnosed with Ulcerative Proctitis 1999, changed to Ulcerative Colitis 2002.  Currently taking 6MP 50mg, Prednisone 30mg, Lialda 2 tabs/day, Colocort enemas, Canasa suppositories

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   Posted 9/4/2009 3:44 PM (GMT -6)   
I have just finished a course of Pred, and I am finally getting back to a normal eating routine. I could eat all around me when on the Pred. I went from being 10 stone, lost 2 stone due to a really bad flare, couldn't eat, back to 9 1/2 stone. to be honest I could do with losing another 1/2 stone but I am not worrying about that now, I want to get myself healthy now and into remission.

good luck with the Pred, and I hope you can taper off them soon and get back to eating normally.

Diagnosed 24th July 2009
Started on Steroids and Asacolon orally, didn't work
Checked into hospital on 30th July for IV steroids, and feeding tube, as weight was just falling off me, still no improvement.
Started Infliximab / Remicade 6th August, still taking Asacolon and weaning off steroids

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   Posted 9/5/2009 12:59 AM (GMT -6)   
What me? Hungry on pred? Naw, I just eat everything in sight. Come to think of it, after I do that, I'm still hungry.

Funny thing is happening this time though, I've been on 60 mg for two weeks, and not consciously curbing my eating, but I've been losing weight. I've lost about five pounds since starting the pred.
Male age 65
First Diagnosed Feb 2007
Significant flare June-July '07 treated with Prednisone
Asocol X 6 per day
Largely in remission with some minor flares treated with Entocort
Currently in flare X 3 weeks

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