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Posted By : BadDay - 4/18/2016 6:57 PM
I have had a year of ups and downs but lately there seems to be a lot of downs
my RD(new word for RA) seems to be in constant Flare
my Fibro is Following suit
my Foot I broke over a year ago has developed spurs & Arthritis along with diabetic Neuropathy
and I seem to be in a never ending Glum Mood I try not to say Depressed but it is looking more that way
I finally told my GP and he said looks like things are getting on top of you and prescribed me anti anxiety med Duloxetine which I have Not taken yet

in the leaflet it says tell your Dr if you are on Flecanide which I am on , I asked the pharmacist but he was not helpful and simply said - ask your Doctor but I don't go back to him for 4 weeks
I think he checked my list to see if any drugs I am on would contradict with it before prescribing them anyway
but I think I am using this as an excuse Not to start them - I have always tried Not to take things like that so I didn't end up being that person with depression on medication

But to add to my basket of woes my Husband has been unwell for a while- feeling overall yuck and aches pains and tired - I have been afraid he may have something like RD , well his blood result showed Positive ANA
Now I don't know how I would handle this for 2 reasons selfishly he is My carer and also he dose not handle being sick he is the typical Man Flu type & he gets grumpy .and at the moment he Constantly says ; err I don't feel well ahhh I feel like crap.
which I know makes me a horrible person to say this but I don't know how to help him while I'm feeling so yuck myself
So I am silently Panicking
he has to have follow up tests in a week to see if it was positive for a simple reason or if it has stayed there.

I know RD can bring on Depression as can Diabetes and I am on a lot of different medications any one may have contributed,
But right now I seem to either be worrying about Everything or Crying over small things but I am Really Trying Not to take them
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Posted By : couchtater - 4/18/2016 7:48 PM
It sounds like you're just overwhelmed.
As a person who has gotten overwhelmed too with all of my junk it's not horrible to admit you're depressed.

I had a extreme depressive episode a few years ago because I was overwhelmed with my illnesses and been laid off. I'm now on a low dose of paxil to help me deal. I know when I don't take it I seem to hurt so much more.

I hope your husband feels better soon.
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When life throws you lemons....
Pick them up and throw them right back at them! :))

Posted By : Neenaa - 4/19/2016 8:37 AM
Hi BadDay,

I'm very sorry you are going through all this. I have a similar collection of illnesses and find it very difficult at times. You have been ill for a very long time while I'm about 7 years into it. I often wonder how you manage to help as much as you do with the forum.

I just recently went through a very bad patch. My doctor who is a nice man but can be abrupt told me when I was with him recently that he was sorry I had to live with so many difficulties and that I did it with dignity. I was very touched by this and it helped me a lot. I tell you this because I hope I can help you in a similar way. I am grateful for the help you have given me and hundreds of others with your caring advice on this forum. You have always given solid wise advice and I appreciate it.

I am on antidepressants for Fibro pain but am quite happy if they lift my mood too. I believe that we are not super men/women and when we need help practical or medical we should try what's offered. It might just be what we need.

It's very difficult and frightening when our partners become ill. My husband is great but he gets overwhelmed sometimes and I don't blame him but I do become afraid that he has come to the end of his patience with me and my ailments. I guess you will hope for the best for your husband and then make peace with the results like you always have up to now with patience, wisdom and humour.

Wishing the best for you and your other half. Neenaa.

Posted By : BadDay - 4/20/2016 8:01 AM
Wow Neenaa that blew me away Thank You

yes as time goes on I guess it gets harder when Hubby & I met I was still working and only had flares once in a while they were still at that stage undiagnosed from early teenage I was told different things with each flare one time I had exhaustion then glandular fever then bad flu etc etc as I would have a flare that lasted anywhere from a few weeks to a few months but I usually returned to normal till next time until the day one flare came and decided to Stay I was a Nurse so in one way it was good I could work shifts around flares i'd work 2 days and have 3 off to recover
we were in our 2nd year together and had just gone traveling when things went crazy and the RD Stayed
when the diagnosis came in I sat him down told him a little of what life may hold with RD as I had nursed a lot of people with it and so I gave him the choice he could leave & No Bad feelings, to my surprise he did leave he was gone for hours and just as I was telling myself Hm ok that's that
at about 3am he came back and said " For Better or Worse you are stuck with me"
we have been together 23yrs now
and I do sometimes see the frustration in his face and that makes it hard.
he can deal with showering me ,doing my hair & daily problems even times when I'm bedbound or falling on floor with a hip or knee lock up and sometimes I see his frustration when I try to push thru to do something he will get annoyed and tell me to stop

But heaven help if He gets sick he can't cope as he is Very independent and of course I panic so we are a sad case
we won't know his blood results till early next month when he will get the 2nd test done and we go back to Doctor so its just a case of feeding him vitamins and trying not to think about it
I am hoping it is something like inflammatory bowel disease -as he has a lot of problems with his tummy, or even a false positive.

I have been feeling a little better I think just saying it out loud and letting hubby know also and he was better than I had thought he'd be , he had noticed I had been a wreck for a while but hadn't said anything
and knowing I have the tablets I can take and even my vent on here helped me say it out loud - or actually say it to myself .
right now I think I will hold off on the pills till I go back to Dr to clarify my concerns But I don't feel like I used to I Know I have a problem and I am ok with taking something if I need to
I haven't cried all day today and I haven't panicked either so that's good,

OMG I am sorry I have rambled on again
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on; Methotrexate , Arava , Endone, Targin 20mg (oxycontin) , Prednisone, Metforman(Diabex) , Tambocor. Oxygen & Cpap, Prolia Injection ,Lyrica

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Posted By : wearyRAsufferer - 4/21/2016 8:20 PM
Hey Bad,
Sorry life is so overwhelming right now :(
Wishing you all the best that things start leveling off

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