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Posted By : Lilbee - 10/30/2016 11:41 AM
I'm just wondering how people have gone at getting a tattoo while on methotrexate turn turnfor ra

Posted By : BadDay - 11/4/2016 11:55 PM
Hi personally I Really Like Tattoos and always wanted one But Do Not have any for this main reason Infection

as you would know MTX is a mine field when it comes to opening you up to infections as it lowers your immune system and if you are on Prednisone that adds to it
I used to have my ears pierced but over time of not wearing ear rings the holes closed up & I went to my Chemist to get them re-done he refused and said "do you Need this" as even a simple thing like that can open you to infection - so I still do not have pierced ears again

so I guess my advice would be No don't do it , However if you Really Need it then shop around got to the Best tattooist you can find and see if there are inks available that are better go for the best you can & follow thru with Strict after care.
but if it were me i'd go for Henna dye instead then if you don't like it it will fade or if you want it you can re-touch it and it will look permanent :-)
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Posted By : Lilbee - 11/5/2016 7:33 PM
I got my tattoo done an it seems fine an looking after it well it the one thing I wanted for peace yo remind me things are going to be fine an will b ok

Posted By : celebrate life - 11/6/2016 12:57 AM
Sweet! Don't worry. Be happy. turn

I'm a mom and a mtx, prednisone and Enbril user, so I have to also say, keep it clean and watch for any signs of infection.

Keep posting Lil one. Nice to have you on the HW forum.

Posted By : Lilbee - 11/6/2016 1:02 AM
Hey thanks I'm a mum to on MX for rt

Posted By : celebrate life - 11/7/2016 1:03 AM
How are you doing with the mtx? How much are you taking? Would be great to know a little more about you and your RA symptoms and tx. Are your kiddos little?
Mine are grown and I have grandkids.

Posted By : Lilbee - 11/7/2016 10:00 AM
Hi there my kids are 9 an. 12 I'm on 20mg I get bit of upset stomach on first day of taking this apart from that seems to b fine .how r u. An nice yo talk you do u have rt an on how much mtx do u have to take ... turn

Posted By : celebrate life - 11/7/2016 2:02 PM
Hi Lilbee,
I have had RA for over ten yrs now. I take a little over 17 mg. Mtx weekly and 5 to 6 mg prednisone daily and inject 50 mg Enbril weekly. All of this and I'm well controlled, but just barely. Any stressor will set off a flare, and lately I have had to get cortisone shots in my knee to be as active as I like to be.
Your kids are young, which leads me to believe you must have been young at dx too. So sorry.
The good news is that there are a lot of new meds available to control it.
How's that inspirational tat doing? No infection I trust.

Posted By : Lilbee - 11/7/2016 2:08 PM
Hi there yes im. Was 35 dionosed .tat is going all good so far .thanks .u r on a lot more than me I was on injection for mtx but just gone back to pills for a Change as not a fan o. Injecting . I flare up soon. As I stress out it can be very hard on everyday life as no goes with not a little stress lol

Posted By : celebrate life - 12/15/2016 2:42 AM
Haven't seen any more posts from you lil one. How's it going for you?

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