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Posted By : kgardner - 9/4/2017 10:32 AM
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My name is Kayla Gardner. I am a graduate student at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College studying art therapy. The main goal of this online survey is to learn more about people with chronic illnesses, and what coping styles they believe is most effective in dealing with their illness journey, and daily negative symptoms. The hope is that this information will inform myself and other art therapists who work with this population to assess treatment goals. Personally, I have had Type 1 Diabetes for over 20 years now, art therapy and making art has been one of my coping strategies, and I want to learn more about how others cope.

Thanks in advance for your participation!

Posted By : BadDay - 9/5/2017 9:35 PM
Hi just letting you know I tried to hit the link but it didn't work so I copy pasted it to my search and all I got was the google page for the survey monkey. so if no one has done the survey this may be the reason
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on; Methotrexate , Arava , Endone, Targin 20mg (oxycontin) , Prednisone, Metforman(Diabex) , Tambocor. Oxygen & Cpap, Prolia Injection ,Lyrica

Posted By : kgardner - 9/6/2017 10:09 AM
Thanks for letting me know. The link is working for me so that's weird there have been a few replies luckily so that's good. I took this link right off my survey monkey web link. So hopefully it will work for you.
Try posting it right to a webpage, not google search that should help. Sorry for the inconvience!

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