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Posted By : Alicat - 9/5/2017 4:35 AM
After 4 injections and 2 infusions of Orencia I developed a terrible cough. After two trips to the Dr. I ended up in the ER where I was diagnosed with possible pneumonia and put on two heavy duty antibiotics. Am feeling better but scans and EKG showed liver cysts and possible enlarged heart. I have not had an infusion since the end of July and am petrified to stay on the Orencia. My rheumy doesn't think it was the Orencia but I started getting sick just a few days after the last infusion. See my primary Dr. today and he will want more tests done which I am not even sure I want at this point, Running out of options for RA meds - either get reactions or they don't work. Feel like giving up. Anyone here have any of these problems with Orencia?

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