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Posted By : MrsMartinez16 - 9/8/2017 1:19 PM
Ive been struggling with RA since diagnosed after having my first baby at the age of 26 supposed to be the happiest time in your life which it was just couldn't move my body was failing me ....was on prednisone for a year before finally getting Enbrel which I had no complaints work great literally felt better within two weeks the inflammation was getting lesser and lesser to till it disappear anyways ive been on Enbrel for about 6 plus months and recently got new insurance my husband put me on his Tri Care and they don't like using Enbrel so I took my last injection last Saturday.. tomorrow I'm supposed to take my next dosage all I can do from what the dr office is saying is taking the Humira so tomorrow instead of my normal Enbrel I'm taking Humira has anyone done this what are the side effects do you feel like crap for a couple weeks-months till Humira kicks in or does it just kick into gear since I have been on Enbrel any bad reaction or someone with similar situation is Humira even good I'm so upset literally spent all morning crying thinking about a flare up makes me so scared thinking of the consistent pain with a one year old makes it unbearable to stop the tears the fears the what ifs... I'm just so upset and scared the Dr isn't being much of help no appt. just straight from one med to the next I tried asking his staff but they don't know much I'm just so upset any input would be greatly appreciated thanks confused confused cry cry cry

Posted By : graygirl - 9/9/2017 7:23 PM
I've tried both-Enbrel is better and works faster.

Posted By : celebrate life - 9/12/2017 11:35 PM
Welcome to the HW forum. Glad you were able to join us.
Humira worked for me better than any other medication I have tried. But eventually it failed and I switched to Enbril. The good news is that it's every other week injection rather than weekly. Best wishes to you and your new baby!

Posted By : Cagedrabbit - 9/13/2017 4:53 PM
If you go on Humira and it doesn't work for you, you can sometimes
Get the Dr to write to insurance company and tell them that it doesn't work for you. You can follow up with the insurance company
To request to have an exception made due to failure of Humira.
I am having the same problem with Xeljantz XR. The company that
Makes Xeljantz has been supplying me with it for over 6 months
Free while they try to gat the insurance to cover it. You could call
The company that makes Enbrel and ask if they have any way to help you. Good Luck.

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