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Posted By : Sweetchksgirl - 9/14/2017 7:00 AM
Hello! Back in February 2017, I was given a "posiible RA" diagnosis after I tested positive for anti ccp antibodies and had some minor finger pain. I was told it was up to me if I wanted to start meds. I took plaquenil for 2 weeks and being stupid, I stopped it out of fear. Fast forward to now and I have horrific pain in my left foot. Im seeing a new rheumatologist next week. Yesterday I had an MRI done on my foot after several trips to the podiatrist was not helping. Anyway, I got some alarming results. My report says I have severe synovial swelling in my 3rd and 4th metatarsal joints along with marrow edema in the bones. What the heck is that? Radiologist reported is as possible early RA. He said there was no bone erosions seens. Are these marrow edema lesions a precursor to erosions? My recent labs were all goid. Negative ANA, no RF, crp was 0.6, sed rate was 4. Please help calm me down.

Posted By : celebrate life - 9/15/2017 12:25 AM
Hello sweetgirl and welcome to the HW forum.
Your MRI does indeed sound alarmimg. Especially the narrow edema finding. Mostly because I have never heard of it, but I'm going to Google it. The synovial swelling could certainly be attributed to RA. I get it occasionally and not long ago I had a cortisone injection in my foot to calm it down. They work wonders and the amount of relief you could get instantaneoisly may be worth the injection pain. It always is for me with a bad flare. I hope you will share with us the findings on the narrow edema and if RA is confirmed.

Posted By : celebrate life - 9/15/2017 12:39 AM
So my Google search finds that the marrow edema could be due to damaged cartilage from osteoarthritis or a precursor to erosion from rheumatoid arthritis. It's good you are seeing a rheumy. Do you take calcium supplements? I do and so far my bone density has been good, despite the fact that I have broken both wrists LOL. There are bone strengthening drugs that are injected, such as prolia and xgeva, but they have some concerning potential side effects. Still might be worth inquiring about if your bone density is compromised. I'm getting too far ahead and maybe causing undue anxiety. I hope not. Keep us posted!

Posted By : Sweetchksgirl - 9/15/2017 7:24 AM
Thank you. Im pretty sure the marrow edema is related to the synovial swelling . My poor foot has been like this for months. Took me moving fr9m Alaska to Maryland to get anyone to listen. A podiatrist at that.

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