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Posted By : Tim Tam - 9/7/2017 9:59 PM
Wondering how forum moderator, UA, has faired with the latest hurricane, Irma, which is now about 200 miles off the Florida coast?

I'm wondering if about 200 miles back, it was coming close to the area where she lives, some 200 miles below Cuba.

Did you get a lot of rain and high winds?

Posted By : UserANONYMOUS - 9/18/2017 7:57 AM
Hi Tim Tam,

Thankfully, my country was not affected. We just got some heavy rainfall.

Hope you were not affected by it.

Moderator - Bipolar

Posted By : Tim Tam - 9/18/2017 12:21 PM
Glad to hear from you, UA.

I thought with the absence, you were not just out of power, you were out of a house.

After I posted asking about how your section below Cuba was fairing with the hurricane, I saw on the weather channel the next day or so that the area where you live had been hit hard by the hurricane Irma.

Then when you didn't answer for 5 or 6 days, I thought, oh, gosh, where is she?

Glad to hear it was not as bad as I thought it might me.

I didn't think we would be affected, and told someone, I don't think anything is going to happen.

Well, we got heavy rain and like 60 mph winds, which knocked a tree in my yard over onto a power line, which knocked out my electricity, and my neighbors, and maybe some other people along that line.

I saw that tree leaning over the power lines for 6 months or more, and realized that tree will be next, in addition to some three other nearby trees which have fallen on the same power line in the last several years.

In addition to the power, my computer, TV and phone went out, also. For something like 6 days.

So much for my prediction that the storm would not affect this area.

Glad you got through it OK. Y'all are daredevils.

Posted By : theHTreturns... - 9/18/2017 7:38 PM
i was on ua watch as well.

Posted By : UserANONYMOUS - 9/19/2017 9:20 AM
Thanks for checking up guys!

Glad electricity is restored for you now Tim.

Moderator - Bipolar

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