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Posted By : doxierockn - 12/14/2011 9:14 AM
confused  ok, first time to use any forum.  so bear with me. lol   I have had a ongoing breast cyst since 2004 that has continued to grow.  I have a maternal history of breast cancer in the family- work in the medical field, and try to stay on top of this issue.  Each year after ultrasound I have been told it is a simple cyst-follow up in one year.  Each time I questioned- even though it is growing- no need to worry?  and was told not unless something else came up. 
      We now have a general surgeon who specializes in breast surgery in our office- so I stopped her and explained my concern- my cyst is 2.7 cm now and this time it is lobular.  I asked her at what point do I do something since they keep telling me it is ok.  I am very aware of this cyst since I do monthly self exams, and our history is in the back of my mind.   She said you do something now.  even if it is a simple cyst, never allow something to keep growing.   So....she saw me yesterday and examined me- took my history and did another ultrasound.
    I too have thick breast walls-common for fibrocystic disease I guess. the cyst is a complex cyst-with matter in it. and I have another one-underneath that I was unaware of -did not show on mamogram. She is going to do a biopsy on both.  Plus we are getting my aunt -who had br. ca. to get a BRCA test- genetic test re: breast ca genes.  It is supposed to help in seeing if I or my daughters are more susceptible to breast cancer.  I am not one who panics- so just like to know what is going on & then go from there. But for those who have mamagrams with ongoing issues- don't just take their word.  see someone else.  great forum by the way.   shakehead wink     Keeping my fingers crossed. lol

Posted By : HURTZ - 12/14/2011 10:15 AM
Good luck to you doxie. I am a breast cancer survivor 15 years now. It all started with a cyst. Hiding behind it was a .2 centimeter tumor. But without that cyst they never would have found it. You will handle whatever it is that comes your way and be fine. You have been on your toes about watching what is going on.; You must know that cysts can calcify, and calcifications can become tumors, I would demand they remove any cysts at the time of biopsy and get on with your life. I hope you get good news and have a wonderful holiday celebration!!!

Posted By : barkyboys - 12/14/2011 5:42 PM
I agree with hurtz. Glad to hear that you are having the biopsy and hope all is well. I had the genetic test at my daughters' requests. I waited until they were old enough to decide for themselves if they wanted me to have it. They were pre-teens when I was dx'ed, and if I were positive for genetic markers, I didn't want them to grow up thinking their breasts were time bombs just waiting to go off. I was negative, even though they thought it was highly likely I would be, and didn't know which side of my family was more suspect.

Let us know how things go for you....
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Posted By : 3meows - 1/3/2012 7:15 PM
I am also new to this. I was told after mamogram and ultrasound that I have a complex cyst on my right breast. I am scheduled for a fine needle biopsy this week. Can the radiologist tell if there is cancer immediately or will I have to wait another week?

Posted By : lucky0901 - 3/7/2012 3:11 PM
I just posted on a different thread, but perhaps it fits better here. Does it make sense that a radiologist isn't sure what the mass is...? Mine said that a complex cyst is one of 3 "probable" diasgnosis of the mass they found.

Posted By : Littlewedding - 3/7/2012 3:58 PM
I have suffered from breast cysts for 12 years
I have had over 70 and still coming
I will say only one thing DO NOT have it drained
I had the first cyst drained and it opened the flood gates for all of the others
If i had left the first one alone i am convinced that they may have stopped but i was advised to have it drained
I had so much tissue damage that i has reconstructive surgery but its all been ruined because the hospital cant see me quick enough to drain new ones and they get to 7=10 cms in the space of a few days leaving huge empty pockets. I am in pain all of the time now
I am now considering legal action against the hospital for the further damage that has been caused.
Breast syst sufferers are fobbed off and left out in the cold as they are not life threatening... it's unfair cry
Good Luck anyway and i hope its your only one ever. x

Posted By : Joannea - 7/25/2012 8:17 PM
I found a lump in L breast in February and after mamogram and ultra sound was told had multiple cysts, however they found a lump I was unaware of in R breast. Ultra sound guided fine needle aspiration demonstrated it to be a fibroadenoma. One of the cysts in L breast measured aprox 48mm and Dr offered to drain, I declined as it was not bothering me. Over the next couple of months it became tender and uncomfortable so another visit to Dr where I finally had cyst drained; he aspirated 36ml of a greenish/brown fluid the relief was immediate! I have been informed that annual ultra sound and bi-yearly mammograms need to be maintained.

Posted By : britt121389 - 8/3/2012 2:33 PM
I have a cyst on my right breast. Can I drain it myself? What causes a cyst to pop up on a woman's breast? I tried to Google it but it was saying stuff about milk glands and women 40 and up are most common to get it due to pre menopause but I'm only 22...please help

Posted By : Jennett - 12/12/2012 5:05 AM
I'm 67 y/o, been in menopause since I was 48. Had a lot of cysts during pre-menopausal years but now experiencing my first since my periods stopped. It's painful. I had the painful ones aspirated years ago, but now they say just wait and see. I don't understand the term "complex" that some of you are using. Mine has debris floating in it. Is that what the term means ? My breasts are dense from all the fibro tissue over the years, so it's always hard to get a good mammogram. I also have leukemia and hope to avoid a second cancer.

Posted By : Caitlin2001 - 6/17/2017 4:01 AM
Hi everyone,
I know this forum hasn't been used in a while but this was the forum I related most to.
I'm 15 years old (young I know) and for the past few months I've had a very hard, very moveable lump in my left breast.
Obviously because I'm so young, the chances of it being anything to worry about are sooooo small but I also suffer from anxiety so you can imagine how terrified I am!
After extensive searching and praying for it to be something other than breast cancer, I stumbled upon this site which lead me to believe that I have a breast cyst?
My lump is quite large, very easily moveable, quite smooth but with not easily distinguishable borders. It becomes larger before my period and often is tender when I press it.
I have a doctors appointment on Monday about it but I've just convinced myself it is something awful because of my anxiety,
Please if you have had or have a breast cyst can you answer my questions:
How long after your appointmet do you have to wait for things like ultrasound, mammogram etc?
What did yours feel like?
Did you have it removed?
How big was it?
And should I be worried about mine?


Posted By : straydog - 6/17/2017 8:48 AM
Caitlin you brought up a thread that is several years old & the above posters are no longer hanging out here. In the meantime, I am glad to read that you are seeing the dr Monday & like you its probably nothing but your anxiety is telling you different. Work on the anxiety & see your dr.

Take care.
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