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Posted By : FearBug - 6/25/2017 9:14 AM

I had a little black spot on my aerola about half an inch away from my nipple. The black spot was so small, 10x smaller than a poppy seed. Anyway, I picked at it because i was curious of what it was. I picked it off and brown blood came from it. Now when I squeeze the area, a little brown blood comes from this microscopic (almost) cut. Does anyone know what this could be? I had a mammogram which was clear in December. I went for a breast exam a few months ago because I felt lumps and she said my exam was totally normal, and she didn't want to do another mammogram so soon especially when the first one was good, due to the radiation factor.

I have heard of nipple discharge, but not on aerola. I do have hairs (just a few) growing from them, and in the shower I quickly run my razor on my aerola to shave them off. Could this be like a nick from the razor, but if so what when I pick it would the blood be brown? Just really nervous about the brown blood. Why wouldn't it be red?

I appreciate any feed back. I really feel embarrassed running back to my obgynfor this if it is something simple. I don't want to appear obsessive even though I am ☺

There is no lumps in that area, and no pain. The brown blood appears only when I squeeze the cut
Thank so much for any help

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