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Posted By : FearBug - 7/12/2017 10:44 AM

I have a small amount of watery brown and sometimes a thick yellow small amount of discharge coming from one Montgomery gland only when I squeeze on one breast only. I am 43 yrs old, my last mammogram a few months ago was normal. I noticed a tiny black scab on my Montgomery gland a few weeks ago. I picked at it and squeezed and that's when I noticed the discharge. I have an appointment to see my obgyn in a couple weeks, but meanwhile I am scared out of my mind!!
Could this possibly be normal or should I be worried. Just wondering if anyone might know anything about this. It only happens on my left breast. I do not feel pain or any lumps on my breast. Just this weird discharge whenever I squeeze. I keep squeezing it everyday to check if it is getting better or worse for my own reassurance. Not sure if I am making it worse by doing that. I am just scared. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!

Posted By : straydog - 7/12/2017 1:01 PM
Fearbug, you posted on June 25th about a discharge going on then. I made the suggestion that you get seen by the dr back then. Once again, go see your dr. This sounds like an infection. The sooner you get it treated the better. Asking strangers on a forum if something is normal is just not safe.
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Posted By : FearBug - 7/12/2017 3:37 PM
Thank you straydog! Yes I have an appointment, and I apologise, I do not see response from you on June 25 under my post. Could be a glitch? I was just looking to see if anyone had anything similar, just for my own reassurance not to take place of a drs opinion. I am a worry wart by nature smile, so I'm always looking for opinions before hand.
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Posted By : straydog - 7/12/2017 5:40 PM
I am so glad to read you have a drs appt. My thoughts are an infection.

Take care.
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