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Posted By : soulbreaker10 - 9/10/2017 6:18 PM
Hello everybody

I'm here to see if I can get some guidance for my mom. I am a user but I'm always on the anxiety forum, but I really want to do everything possible to help my mother. I'm just so scared because my mom doesn't have insurance and we don't know if she's a US citizen to apply for insurance. My mom's story is real confusing, she was born to a mid wife and doesn't know if she ever was registered or what name they put for her BC. We tried to recover one but it seems it doesn't exist, she only has a SS number and we are gonna investigate that. I'm just torn to see her like this and I want to get her treated, if you have any advice please let me know thank you.

Posted By : straydog - 9/11/2017 7:41 AM
So very sorry to read about your mom's diagnosis. Since she has been diagnosed how did she get that treatment approved? I suggest that you check on getting her on Medicaid ASAP. Call various cancer societies & see what they offer. The hospital she went to will also be a good source to obtain information.

There is help out there it just takes some work to see what her options are. Take care & keep us posted. Check out the American Cancer Society.
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Posted By : soulbreaker10 - 9/11/2017 2:47 PM
She went to a low income clinic that only charges her $30 for a visit and the doctor there ordered a biopsy. My family help raise $600 and the clinic paid the rest to get that exam, then on September 7 my mom was diagnosed with cancer a day before her birthday. We are applying for a program that helps breast cancer patients so hopefully that gets her seen by an oncologist.
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Posted By : straydog - 9/12/2017 6:17 AM
So very glad to read that you have been able to find some help for your mom. Keep digging around trying to find more options to help with the financial part of treatment. Unfortunately, this forum has little activity. If you are wanting to get online feedback from others I will suggest cancer. I have heard this is a very information & busy site.

Sending prayers for your mom & family.
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