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Posted By : dannyutah - 8/25/2008 8:30 PM
I've been feeling horrible for weeks lately and got an unexpected test result back for EBV.

My IGM is negative, but my IGG VCA is a value of 4.19. Which I was told was high. I haven't recovered at all in the month I've been hit down and I'm wondering just how high my IGG is and if I should be concerned with this being a long term CFS situation?
My doctor said you have mono and should expect feeling bad and just rest it out, but I'm negative for IGM and I have no sore throat or fever. What should I make of this and what course of action can I take to understand my condition better. Also is my value of 4.19 equal to a 4,000 IGG, I'm a little confused with the numbers

Posted By : jev - 9/2/2008 3:53 PM
Hi Danny! So sorry that you've felt so bad for so long. I know exactly how that feels. I've been dx'd with "chronic" EBV along with fibro and cfs which means I had mono many moons ago but the virus remains active in my system pretty much all the time. All people who have had mono or been exposed to the virus will show a positive reading on one of the tests that indicates a previous infection/exposure. The activity results are what's more important because it indicates ongoing infection or re-infection/re-activation.

My number has hovered between 11.5 to 12.5 through 3 tests spread apart by 6 weeks each so I seem to be in a continuously active mode at present. I took glutathione/atp shots weekly over the first 12 week period and most of the symptoms eased tremendously or, in a couple of cases, virtually disappeared. I've had a couple of minor flareups during that time but, collectively, felt better than I have in years. At my last visit last week, she took me off the shots as the glutathione levels are now satisfactory but I'm now taking atp pills as she deemed that part to be still necessary. The shots are more designed to relieve cfs/fibro symptoms but there's a possibility of a tie-in between EBV and cfs/fibro and since the symptoms got so much better yet my EBV IGG numbers remained so high, I can only assume the shots may be good for that as well. Only your doctor can determine if the shots might help you as the percentage of those reporting easing of symptoms is roughly 75 to 85%. Mention this to your doc and see what the response's just another tool in what may be a lifetime battle.

Take care

John (53)
Dx'd June 2008 with Fibromyalgia & CFS  possibly caused by chronic Epstein-Barr virus (many years of ongoing symptoms.....recently worsening)......also, previously dx'd sleep apnea, high blood pressure, hypothyroid, low testosterone, high cholesterol, heart arrythmia & headaches (all types)
Several meds too numerous to list or remember!

Posted By : dannyutah - 9/3/2008 11:21 AM
John thank you very much for your reply, I really appreciate the advice and I will look further into the information you have given me. Again thank you so much for replying.

best wishes, Dan

Posted By : jev - 9/4/2008 12:43 PM

Hi Dan! You are very welcome! This stuff we have is confounding enough without others to talk to and share experiences and ideas with so if I helped you even the tiniest little bit, I'm more than happy to do it! :-) Let us know what happens and where this goes, ok?

Take care and best wishes,



John (53)
Dx'd June 2008 with Fibromyalgia & CFS  possibly caused by chronic Epstein-Barr virus (many years of ongoing symptoms.....recently worsening)......also, previously dx'd sleep apnea, high blood pressure, hypothyroid, low testosterone, high cholesterol, heart arrythmia & headaches (all types)
Several meds too numerous to list or remember!

Posted By : amy1998 - 5/7/2009 11:04 PM
I have had EBV for 14 weeks, ( bedridden for 11 weeks) and have thankfully started to feel a bit bettter and wanted to share what I've done in order to get back to a semi-normal life. I have been completely frustrated with the treatment for EBV....doctors just say, "Go home and sleep". This is not a good enough answer for me. I am fortunate enough to have good health insurance and I just wanted to share and hopefully help anyone who is suffering from this virus. I searched and searched for answers and believe me...there is really not much out there except for out dated and conflicting advice.

First, I have never in my life experienced anything like this virus and my struggle is still continuing. Thankfully, the bad days have started to become less and less. But, in the beginning, I really thought I was dying or going crazy. For the first 2 weeks, I could not move or eat. I finally got the diagnosis when I went to an internist and begged him to test me for everything. My EBV was 1522 and DHEA was 1342. I'm a 37 year old healthy female, the only problems I was having before this were hormonal issues and I was also in severe pain after working out (of course, people responded "you just need to work out more" my case, not so.)

My second lab test (about week 5 or 6 of virus onset) the EBV elevated to 2338. I finally broke down and started Valtrex, and it honestly helped ME alot. I wish I would have gotten the precription for Valtrex at the first diagnosis, but I'm hard headed and I'm not a big supporter of pharmaceuticals. But, with all honesty, they have helped me.

The early symptoms I had:
*fatique so bad, like the blood in my body wasn't even flowing; a complete energy crisis
*Dizziness & tunnel vision that both lead to nausea
*Extreme Muscle pain (especially in neck, back and legs)
*Heart Palpatations
*Unable to think, eat, almost dulsional
* I had to force water into my body
*Weakness and tightness in muscles (for a week it was hard to walk and when I did get up it was like I was drunk)
*Major anxiety
*Sensitivity to noise and light
*Heartburn, constipation, severe stomach aches
*ear aches & buzzing in ears
*Mild fever
*Lots of tears, frustrations, bouts of anger

I'm about 75%. I still suffer from muscle aches and tightness, spasms, migranes and fatique. But, I am not bedridden everyday like I was for the first 11 weeks.

I read the book "From Fatique to Fantastic" and I'm following the vitamin supplementation in the book. It's alot of pills to swallow, but I will to anything to kick this virus. I do believe it has helped. I had low Vitamin D, so also I've added it 2 X a day. I would highly recommend Vitamin D if you are in bedridden. I wish I would have started it in the beginning of the virus.

I am doing restorative yoga just about everyday or when I can move or feel like it. I started a few dvd's about 4 weeks before I got sick and whenever I can do 5 minutes just to stretch my muscles I feel better. I highly recommend "Candlelight Yoga" and "Meditation for Beginners" they are both gentle and relaxing. I rented them from Netflix, then I liked them so much I bought them both from Amazon.

I am taking the following RX:
AM: Wellbutrin, Celexa, Valtrex (500 mg)
PM: Valtrex (500 mg), Ambien CR (12.5 mg)

Before I got the EBV onset, I was taking no rx drugs.

I have also changed my diet in MAJOR ways. I flew from CA to Portland, Oregon 4 weeks ago, around week 10 of virus (it was an very painful & tearful flight). The doctor did a blood test to find foods that were inflammitory and that my body was reacting to. Among the list were thing that I was eating alot of and I thought were healthy. On the list were eggs, all beans, flax, dairy, and others. I cut them out and I'm not having the bad stomach problems and pain. I know this is not for everyone. But, I am determined to not eat anything processed or in a box. This is out of sheer determination to heal my body and be healthy.

I now only ocassionally eat meat and my diet consist of mostly veggies and fruit. I use our juicer ALOT (atleast once daily, mostly 2 times a day). And...those of you that say eating healthy is expensive, I swear, it's not! At Costco, you can get in HUGE amounts organic carrots, celery, grapes, apples, oranges, berries, kiwi, plums. I am able to load up for around $55 for the entire week. This also provides enough fruit and veggies for my husband and daughter.

I hope that anyone that is reading this this that has EBV is surrounded by love, compassion and understanding. It is an unexplainable experience and I wish I could say that it has been easy. My only advise is to listen to what your body is telling you and give it what it needs. I can't tell you the things I have done will help anyone else, but I have reached out to many doctors and I recieved no real answers. I wasted alot of energy to try and find "the answer" at a time when I had very little energy available. I have a new found compassion for people with chronic illnesses. I hope that by sharing what I went thru, I can help anyone who is able to find this information.

Posted By : Yo_EBV - 8/22/2009 11:19 PM
To dannyutah and others....

I am confused as well. Did you ever figure out what the numbers / levels meant?

I just got blood work back and my IgM is <0.2 (within range / negative).

But my IgG is >8.0 which says it is HIGH.

Based on the blood tests, it states:
negative <0.9
equivocal 0.9 - 1.0
positive >1.0

So, I can see why it shows as HIGH.

However, based on everything that I've been reading about EBV test results, people are writing about number results in the thousands! It seems like I keep reading that if the IgG is over 120 then it is positive and if the IgM is over 1 then it is positive. So, why would mine show up as HIGH with >8.0 and the levels indicated on the test don't say anything about 120!


I asked my doctor if 8 was high and he said yes, but that he's seen higher. I don't know what that means!

Posted By : Boppy - 8/24/2009 9:51 PM
Did you get glutathione/ATP injections from your doctor? I was just diagnosed with Chronic Epstein Barr/Mono and just started my injections and am praying for the best. I, as you, have spent much money on many doctors with no answers or seemingly compassion for my plight. My psychiatrist even told me I was a hypochondriac (he's been fired). I won't know if these injections will help me or not but I've been told my new doctor, who discovered this diagnosis, is the best around the Houston area, to deal with this problem. I thank God I found her. Best of luck to you. Seek out the injections if you haven't already.


Posted By : AngC4 - 8/27/2009 3:28 PM

What is the name of your doctor in Houston? I also live in Houston.

I was just diagnosed EBV positive. It was discovered by my Neurologist during a blood test.

Thank you,

Posted By : Bruiser - 10/18/2009 10:38 PM
Yo_EBV and others,

Are you all recovering? I am on week 22 of EBV and I too have levels >8.0. Drives me insane that there is no answers to this disease. I am really active and healthy so not sure why it is taking so long to beat this. I am doing everything you can think of...accupuncture, massage, chiro, vitamins, water, valtrex and lot's of fruits and vegetables. Things are up and down but constantly have foggy head, back aches, fatigue and stomach aches. I played basketball the other day and when I finished I had a hard time focusing my eyes. All these symptoms are bizarre and have caused me to be paranoid that something else is wrong especially since it has gone on for so long. Would love to hear how everyone is recovering.

Posted By : windingdown - 9/12/2014 1:36 PM
I've always had chronic fatigue since the mid-80s and mid 90s started with fibromyalgia but in 2007 2008 I was in bed for two years they just diagnosed me with CFS fibromyalgia and left it at that. In January of this year I had a sinus infection they gave me doxycycline and I had a horrible reaction to it made me think I was fighting some kind of infection. Then in July same thing happened I had to take some amoxicillin for some dental work I had done and I got sick from it again. So I made an appointment with an infectious disease doctor she knew all the right test to take their still coming in but so far I've been positive for more than one strain of EBV. Been sick for so long I've done a lot of research and I had my DNA test done by a company called 23&me you can message me if you want to know more. Anyway I found out that I have a mthfr mutation which means my body doesn't make very much glutathione. Anyway I'm so sorry for everybody's illness and has knocked me out I had to quit work I couldn't do anything! God bless you all. rolleyes listed nor reason why I might be so ill, more labs to come

Posted By : Louise74 - 9/13/2014 12:03 PM
Winding down

Sounds like you might have lyme. Bad reactions to antibiotic is a flag. It's called a herx reaction, or healing crisis when dying bacteria emit toxins. Have you bee tested? A ID doc won't treat you, they don't believe in chronic lyme. You have to go to a lyme literate doctor. That's what I would do.

Posted By : windingdown - 9/13/2014 1:11 PM
I have been tested for Lyme three times in the past decade 2 neg. the most recent was two days ago with the results won't be here for another week. I need a clinical diagnosis for sure. Recent labs show creatine has risen & kidney GFR has took a noise dive in the past 12 months which is another sign of Lyme affecting organs All very stressful. I will have to sell things or Barrow money to see a LLMD.

Posted By : windingdown - 9/13/2014 1:46 PM
My doctor appointment isn't for another two weeks the tests I got back was automatically released to my medical website so I don't have any numbers but everything is positive and reactive except for one and I don't know what that means? ITS THE EBV VCAIGM part that is neg any help me with that? Thank you confused

Posted By : windingdown - 9/13/2014 1:51 PM
FYI in 2008-2010 I was in bed 20+ hrs a day guess from this went to the doctors with swollen areas in my quadrants time it was nothing. Why didn't They run blood test backhand darn it? I'm a mom of a young teenager then (she's 22 now) it was very hard to keep up with all the things I had to do for a teenager and they're active life. Started using something called low dose naltrexone a.k.a. LDN. Noon modulator/balancer. I think it might help me fight that episode I was having was unaware of. So why am I having another EBV episode now I fear the LDN I'm getting is not the quality that I did get three years ago.

But stress does hinder the LDN from working and I have been under a lot of stress the past few months.

I did find out March after doing a DNA test that I have MTHFR number 677 Gene mutation. This is something that create your body unable to make enough glutathione to keep your body detoxed. I know I'm a lot of research being sick for so long that liposomal supplements are the best they can be better than an IV drips even. So after reading some of the post here I ordered some liposomal glutathione and I'll definitely start taking it! Anybody wants to know more about DNA testing at 23&me email about the Gene mutations I spoke of you can go to

Post Edited (windingdown) : 9/13/2014 1:55:45 PM (GMT-6)

Posted By : Louise74 - 9/13/2014 7:13 PM
It's good that you had your genetic testing done. That is important sine it's so hard to clear toxins when you have the mutation. It's also possible that you can't clear the EBV virus because of lyme dragging down your immune system. If you can't afford a LLMD, then you could consult with a herbalist or holistic provider and treat that way. LDN is often used with lyme to control pain, but it doesn't clear infections. If you get a negative lyme test, I would treat with herbals at the very least if you can afford that.

Posted By : windingdown - 9/13/2014 7:32 PM
Louise74, thank you so much for the info. I have looked in to some herbs and Lyme and diff protocols. Not looking forward to this.

Posted By : thelaughingsun - 6/23/2015 5:54 PM
I am looking for more information on this as well, but it seems like I have more info than most, so here goes.

(Fair warning: I am an engineer and a literal genius, so I have a tendency to try to dissect everything. This explanation may get way too detailed, and end up being either catastrophically wrong or right on-the-nose - it's anyone's guess).

I believe that the index levels depend on the test and are unitless. You may be able to directly compare indices that were calculated based on the same test, but, otherwise, you would need to know what constants and formulas went into calculating the index number before you can compare it to any other index or unit. However, I would posit that the positivity threshold in all results are based off of the same fixed incidence of antibodies, so you may be able to get an idea of the relationship between the results of different tests through comparison of "threshold" values - i.e., which numbers indicate a positive, negative, and equivocal result.

I have had two tests, taken about 7 months apart after separate episodes of what a doctor has diagnosed as a recurring epstein barr infection.

The first test used unitless index values. The result was 4.10. Under the results, the only threshold value that I am given is 0.90, meaning that any index value over 0.90 (0.91 or above) indicates a positive result. (In my research, it seems like this is a common threshold value for a EBV ab VCA IGG testing kit, but I am not sure that it is the only one, as I have found what appear to be other testing instructions from other kits that have different threshold numbers).

The second test that I had uses actual units in its results - U/mL - although, "U" just stands for "unit" and I am not told what the "U" is units of. I would assume that the unit is the antibody itself, meaning that 100 U/mL = 100 antibodies detected in mL of either the blood, or the mixed sample that was used in the test. My results from this test were >600 U/mL (meaning that the resulting value was literally off the charts). The threshold values that I have for this test are: Negative < 18.0, Equivocal between 18.0 - 21.9, and Positive > 21.9. Obviously, I was a little high.

What I have been trying to figure out is whether my second test shows higher antibody levels than my first test. A high level of the VCA IGG antibodies does not, by itself, indicate that your infection is intense or recent. The high number could just be your usual, daily number after an infection from years earlier. However, I keep getting these blood tests well after the onset of what appears to be a re-activation, so it is too late to catch the IGM antibodies, which typically appear in the early stages or re-activation, and disappear after about a month. The IGM antibodies are what indicate an active infection (if the IGG antibodies are not present) or current re-activation (if the IGG antibodies are concurrently present). However, I would expect that much higher levels of the IGG antibody after a second episode would be significant and indicate that I did, in actuality, experience a re-activation at some point between the two tests. I don't know any other reason why my IGG antibodies would suddenly increase. (Though, of course, I am not a doctor XD).

What I did was directly compare the upper, positive, threshold limits between the two tests in order to figure out where the "1.0" index value might be, under the semi-supported assumption that the index value is a ratio:

22.0 (U/mL) / 0.91 = 20.02 U/mL.

Therefore, multiplying the index number result from my first test by 20.02 U/mL might give me those results in U/mL, so that I can directly compare them to results of my second test:

20.02 (U/mL) x 4.10 = 82.08 U/mL

Since 82.08 U/mL < 600 U/mL, this would indicate that my antibody levels went up by a LOT, and I likely experienced a re-activation in between.

Now, that seems like an incredible leap in antibodies, considering that I have had many recurring episodes before either test. So, I'm not sure if this is really accurate. The best way to find out is to get a few more tests that gives results in U/mL and compare. In the meantime, though, I hope that this helps a bit in coming up with a definitive answer. Does anyone happen to know a medical lab tech?

Posted By : thelaughingsun - 6/24/2015 10:27 AM
Whoops, looking back over my calculations, I think that I multiplied instead of dividing at one point:

22 (U/mL) / 0.91 = 24.18 U/mL

24.18 U/mL x 4.10 = 99.12 U/mL

So, if this is correct (which it may not be), then the number of antibodies shot up by sixfold.

Posted By : sweetpeaisme - 6/28/2015 5:31 PM
I hope you guys can find help in this:

All chronic illness is a collection of multiple bacterial, viral, parasites, fungal, molds, and environmental such as heavy metal toxicity and or chemical exposures.

It's HIGHLY probable that SINCE you've got active EBV, you have either Lyme disease plus it's Co-infections, environmental toxicity, or reactivation of the human herpes virus 6;

It takes only 1 of those scenarios to CAUSE your past ebv infection to 'RE-infect'

The MTFHR gene mutations is a result of reactivation of HHV6= the virus has a 'gene re-shuffling' ability!

Ultraviolet blood irradiation through an I.V mode and antiviral, with supplemental glutathione are our ONLY hope but will not reverse the damage already done to the genes-UGH!

Posted By : alynn1224 - 9/5/2015 6:42 PM
I just was diagnosed with mono (EBV) for the second time in 5 years. I have four small children, and this is frustrating for everyone. Sad My doctor seems unconcerned, but they just sent me my numbers. I don't understand what this means. The nurse said I need to make another appt if I want to go over these numbers with my doctor. I will, but in the meantime, can anyone explain this to me? (I've tried Google...I have found millions of different answers.)

EBV Ab VCA, IgG= 355.0 (normal range 0-17.9)

EBV Ab VCA, IgM = 65.7 (normal 0-35.9)

EBV Early Antigen Ab, IgG= 34.2 (normal 0-8.9)

EBV Nuclear Antigen Ab, IgG= >600 (normal 0-17.9)

Please help. These numbers seem sky high. Should I see an infectious disease dr? Find a new primary? I have an appt set up with a naturopath next week, but worried even she won't be as well-versed in this as those who have experienced it.

Thank you!

Posted By : Lane48 - 9/10/2015 4:47 PM

I was diagnosed with mono at the end of April 2015. This was a huge surprise to me since I had mono back in 1983 as a teenager. Needless to say it is been a very long summer. I have worked most of the time since diagnosis in April. However, three weeks ago I did go see an infectious disease specialist. I am now on my 3rd week off from work. We are still doing testing to rule out all sorts of possible other issues. Many people will tell you to just wait it out. If you have good insurance go see a specialist and if you can take time off from work do it.

I am trying to stay positive. Hoping you feel better soon.

Posted By : nel&bean - 10/5/2016 12:11 PM
i've been sick with this for 30 years and it took the last 10 to figure out Epstein Barr is the cause..every kind of specialist and many invasive thing i want to tell you that helps with the severe muscle pain/ cramps is L-Carnitine. my whole body felt like charley horse cramps and nothing took them away..magnesium, massage, heat, salt baths..the L-Carnitine i take has 5 types..and amino acids can help follow the virus path (Lysine). the bottle of L-Carnitine i buy is about twenty dollars and it took only a few days and then a full 2 weeks before the cramps went away. i still hurt, believe me this virus hurts a different part of the body every day, not to mention the skin symptoms of rashes, sores, itching and burning that come and go. i hope that can help anyone with muscle cramps as i thought i had als i was so stiff from them. go well ...

Posted By : mystery1 - 11/15/2016 9:17 PM
hi I have been following the discussions on EBV tonight I have been told I have fibromyalgia, CFS, EBV, Bipolar, Crazy you name it. then I came back negative for lyme on quest labs then first igenex was inconclusive, then second one 2 years later was positive. Since there is so much overlap in symptoms, I know I have either EBV, CMV or HHV 6 that is active. I just started Famvir and I just now feeling a little difference in couple of days. I have read where it takes 3 months to see any significant change. Someone said it is a multi system disease. well I think all these diseases are. I do have the MTHFR gene mutation, I have a fatty liver since I have been sick so long, and after reading this I need to get back on glutathione. B 12 shots help too.

I had infected teeth, untreated Hashimoto's, heavy metals, leaky gut, and severe emotional trauma which I think got me so sick. I just got out of an abusive relationship I was in on and off for 15 years. I have spent 3 years in treatment for lyme but antibiotics really have not helped much other than azithromycin and bactrim. I don't have any co infections that I know of I have been tested.

Iv peroxide and Iv ozone got me functioning again. I am taking supplements and antivirals.

I have been reading the medical medium book by anthony williams. I was skeptical at first but he makes a lot of sense when it comes to EBV. I also was interested in his views on lyme disease.

I pulled all the mercury out of my mouth. already pulled one root canal that was infected. two more to go. I had 3 implants done. finally got the right treatment for my thyroid. my gut is better I am getting ready to start juicing and using the sauna at the gym. I have recently read where people with EBV have low hydrochloric acid and many are infected with h pylori. some have other infections too I can't remember all now. many say take tons of zinc and vitamin C. so much information I have read I can't retain it all. I am considering going to nashville and getting high dose Vitamin C which helps many with the herpes viruses.

I am on the fence whether I had lyme all this time or if I indeed have been suffering with chronic EBV for years. I do know Dr lerner well known for his studies on EBV states if you have a positive or high IGG then you have an active EBV virus.
Registered Nurse in tennessee: sick since high fever in 1994. polydrugged over 20 yrs. Misdiagnosed, bedridden 2012 to 2014.

Lyme disease first diagnosis: may 2013. second diagnosis: oct 2013. Md said I had for 20 years

current tx: doxy//serrapeptase, westhyroid,celebrex,, lamictal,paxil,ativan, lots of supplements, biomat, diflucan.

Posted By : frustratedand40 - 1/27/2017 9:47 PM
Looking for help. I am 39 (almost 40 :p) and had a diagnosis of Mono in Dec 2013. I assumed that was my primary infection as I have never been that sick in my life! In Dec 2015 i became ill with the same exact symptoms. My PCP thought i had a reactivation of the EBV and sent for lab work. Results were as follows:

EBV Nuclear Antigen Ab, Igg >600.0 (0.0-17.9)
EBV Ab Vca, Igg >600.0 (0.0-17.9)
EBV Early Antigen Abm Igg 25.4 (0.0-8.9)
EBV Ab Vca, Ign 44.4 (0.0-35.9)

I was told this was a reactivation. Rest, fluids ect. My PCP never physically examined me or ordered any followup labs.

3 weeks ago I got what I thought was the flu. I was the only person in my household that got sick. Ended up in Urgent Care this week with fatigue , horrible aches and chills. All blood work was negative, normal CBC, Comp. No signs/symtpoms of sinus infection, pneumonia ect. Flu swab was negative. I called my PCP and the said EBV again.

Results came back today and I was told mono again. I am very concerned. 3x in 3 years?? I have been otherwise healthy. My PCP is not the least bit concerned. Thoughts? I should add I have a family hx of MS, Thyroid issues (all my labs are always normal, did have a bx of nodule though)
I have felt like crap off an on for 3 years. I am beginning to think I am crazy. Heart palps, high blood pressure for no reason, major alcohol intolerance (i get violently ill with 1 drink)

Results this time were almost identical. All were positive again.

Thinking of going to ID or Rheum.

Post Edited (frustratedand40) : 1/27/2017 8:50:59 PM (GMT-7)

Posted By : Cperna - 1/30/2017 8:05 AM
Hi. I just read your post, and am having similar issues. I have flu like aches and chills and shivers, but no fever. I was told via labs, that I have the flu (3 weeks ago?). I have some markers of lymes (18, 45 and 58). I also am being tested for EBV RA and Lupus. Waiting of results. I have EBV labs from 2 yrs ago, that were very high, so we will compare the new ones. I am told I have a virus, and to wait it out. I ache and am chilled and weak, constantly. Prior to 3 weeks ago, I worked out every day for 30 years. I am trying to work and take care of my kids, but this is getting me anxious and depressed. I don't know if it's Lymes, EBV or still the flu, but nothing is changing. I need any support or advice anyone can give me.


Posted By : Jenie - 5/5/2017 2:04 PM

I am 51 yr old and new to this but I recently got my EBV IGG andit is 591.0 , my MCHC is abnormally low, my Ferritin is low, Vit B is low, my neutrophils are high , my hemoglobin AIC is high. I have been feeling bad for a long time and I dont drink or smoke my only real problem is migraines . I have fatigue, joint pain, random rash on my palms, low grade fever off an on , sweating off and on , swollen lymph nodes in the neck and arm pits off and on and random GI issues. A naturopath I see wants to do an infusion of a wormword derivative and vit B12 shots. I am concerned that there is far more going on that needs attention. I live in an area with limited access to healthcare and it may require travel , so I am trying to get as much information as possible . I would appreciated any information
thank you

Posted By : Sickofbeingworeout - 5/6/2017 5:28 AM
I have been to every Dr imaginable trying to find out why I am so tired. I just can't function. I keep telling them it's CFS but nobody will listen. I went to Dr last week I told her every time I get sooo tired I can't think my throat hurts and today is one of those days. But it happens a lot but if I can get a lot of sleep it goes away. I'm thinking that's weird but must be my body saying slow down. She said let's do an Epstein-Barr test. My results are only this
Epstein-Barr Early Antigen IgG Ab - Neg
Epstein-Barr Virus Capsid Ag IgM Ab - Neg
Epstein-Barr Virus Capsid Ag IgG Ab - Positive (H)

I do have low thyroid but have never felt this terrible. Was dx with fatty liver. But I have just felt like I'm dying. Can't get enough sleep, can't function, aches & pains are horrendous. All I know is I have kids and I just can't function to take care of them and the tiny podunk town I live in can not find out why I am so flipn exhausted 24/7. 😥

Posted By : Olsonbjorno - 8/24/2017 12:14 AM
Anyone testing for Lyme or coinfections of Lyme need to test trough igenex, or a lab recommended by an llmd. Igenex I've heard is about the best. Typical Lyme testing by your dr will not be accurate. A lot of people go undiagnosed for years because the typical test done by the dr is not right. Contact an llmd and do a test through igenex to test for Lyme and coinfections

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