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Posted By : JimStammerjohan - 5/12/2017 4:16 AM
The symptoms started over night. I came back from the Ukraine on a Friday night and Saturday I had these symptoms. Fatigue, my head feels like Im in a fog. I have a problem thinking of words sometimes. I have tingling in my fingers sometimes. I feel unsure in stepping or walking, not that I fall down or walk a crooked line, just if I'm lightheaded. I've had blood tests, MRI, CTs, EEGs(wires to my head), I've seen by a Nurologist, and everything came back clean. No shortness of breath.....

This started on 28 Jan 17.....

I can't figure what is wrong. I though I was poisoned in Ukraine because I was outside in the cold and we huddled near a potbelly stove in a closed garage to keep warm.

Any help would be appreciated.....

Posted By : Blueskies7 - 5/16/2017 10:54 PM
From my limited experience, it could be CFSME, however it could also be lyme, which is often misdiagnosed as many other illnesses (I was originally diagnosed with CFSME but have also found lyme bacteria showing up in my body).

I would encourage you to post this on the Lyme Disease forums here on HealingWell.

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