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Posted By : BeeTx - 3/4/2017 7:43 PM
I hurt my back over a month ago when I hit the door handle while carrieing a basket. It twisted my spine hard and I know something happened so it is not getting better.

But what is making me scream is something under my ribs that is a painful stabbing spasm!! It is mostly in under both arms down at the bottom of my ribs. It feels like there is a snake coiling and it has horns all over.

I have gone to ER thinking it might be kidney stone ,, not.. Doctor 3 times . She thinks it may be diverticulitis and it may be . I had a flare long time ago. I go for CT on wednesday.. I had breast cancer so am concerned.. When that pain strikes I can barely breathe in and can barely walk or hold myself upright without bracing on a cane or walker.... I am praying someone knows what this is!!!

Ive tried no fiber. Drinking water alone caused a bad 30 minute spasm!! I tried everything I can think of or anyone suggests.


Posted By : (Seashell) - 3/4/2017 9:49 PM
Have you had a basic x-ray to rule out a fractured rib(s)? Rib fractures are notoriously painful when trying to take a breath, due to micro-movement of the fracture as the ribcage expands and contracts.

I am glad that you are having more evaluative testing as your pain sounds severe.

I will hope that it is a rib fracture. Odd to hope that someone has a rib fracture. But a rib fracture would be treatable with a remedy and a timeframe for getting better.

Sending you best wishes, hope, and faith on your CT scan.
- Karen -

Posted By : Alcie - 3/5/2017 10:22 AM
Where did you hit the door handle? Ribs? Spine?

Bone bruises can hurt terribly for a long time, months. That's best case. But ribs can be broken or detached too. Still, usually no treatment. They don't bind ribs anymore.

I have slipping ribs that cause a lot of pain when I twist, like pulling myself with my arms up to the edge of a pool and twisting around to sit. After I've done something like that I can hurt for days, at the bottom edge of my ribs on the sides, where my bra band sits.

There is surgical treatment, but it's worse than the pain from the occasional twist. My ribs are loose at the front, where they should attach to the sternum, but they can also get knocked loose at the attachment to the spine. Look up "slipping ribs." Mostly you'll find the type that's not attached at the spine.

Posted By : BeeTx - 3/5/2017 1:55 PM
Thanks for your replies.. I hit my hand on the doorknob which twisted my spine real fast and hard like a jerk It felt bad right then but got worse as time has gone by. The chiropractor poked each rib and there is no soreness in ribs. Today I'm sneezing a lot due to my husband mowing and weed-eating and it sends me into a yelp of pain!! Also coughing hurts and I'm not able to breathe too deep.. The odd snake like painful spasms under each bra level is horrible!!! Thanks for your responses.

Posted By : BeeTx - 3/5/2017 2:14 PM
Yes I had x-rays and am going to get a CT and Mamo on R breast after mastectomy on L one in Aug.

Posted By : URnotAlone - 7/4/2017 1:42 PM
Hi Bee,
I see that it has been quite a while since your post, so not sure if this has been rectified or not. In my case, I don't think I "figured" out what my sharp under-rib pain was for several months. Would get terrrible sharp pain under ribs on right side. I have a history of kidney stones and currently have one in each kidney so the doc I saw thought it was that. Went to my urologist. Not that. Quit job (could no longer sit at computer due to pain), spiraled into depression. Ended up in a bad car accident (not my fault) and surgery for 5 broken foot bones. Ok too much unnecessary info.

LONG STORY SHORT- after all this I ended up testing positive for c diff. Doc has no idea when it started as I've had diarrhea issues for years following gallbladder removal. But I am almost POSITIVE that pain under my ribs (that I still get on and off sometimes) was possibly from that. I saw you mentioned diverticulitis earlier. I've had that before too. But the c diff was awful. Had no idea that the antibiotics I had been given SO Many times throughout the years could have led to that. So, just my 2 cents. Healing thoughts to you!

Posted By : BeeTx - 7/4/2017 4:00 PM
My rib and back pain ended up being bone cancer. I am on chemo now. 3 down of 6 treatments. I'm hoping and praying I go into permanent remission!

My mother had c-diff. That is bad stuff!! Hope you heal soon.

Posted By : straydog - 7/5/2017 7:51 AM
BeeTx, oh my goodness!! How long did it take the drs to confirm bone cancer? Is chemo all you will need to do, no radiation? Thank God they found it. Yes, will be praying for you to have a permanent remission. Please keep us informed on you are doing. Take care.
Moderator in Chronic Pain & Psoriasis Forums

Posted By : BeeTx - 7/5/2017 8:15 AM
I had breast cancer and had a mastectomy then radiation then all the bone mets and now chemo. It's been a hard trip for me. I am sick all the time! Yes praying for remission, Thanks I will post how I,,m doing
Bee Jesus Kid

Posted By : straydog - 7/5/2017 12:57 PM
BeeTx, ok now I understand your situation. I have a very good friend that battled breast cancer & like you she was very ill from the treatment. BC ran in her family from her mom & her 4 sisters. She is currently battling cancer again with a different treatment. She is 71.

Take care. Many healing prayers being sent your way.
Moderator in Chronic Pain & Psoriasis Forums

Posted By : BeeTx - 7/5/2017 5:58 PM
Thank you Susie for prayers. This has been a rough road but my faith is what keeps me moving on forward!

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