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Posted By : Tim Mcleod - 4/22/2017 5:25 PM
Last year i woke up in more pain then i ever had in my life. 4 months later with no idea why i had the pain the doctor did a rfa which helped for 7 months when i got into a accident. Now the pain is a 10+ daily with shooting pains down both arms into my fingers. My medical records all say straight neck but the doctors are avoiding it by saying nothings wrong. Ive been in pt for 3 months now with no improvement and one nerve block that made my pain worse. Seeing a new doctor who is a surgeon so im pretty sure he might suggest surgery and at this point i tried everything and im in so much pain that meds aren't touching. Should i go through with surgery if its suggested or is there something im missing? Please help. Im lost and can't battle this anymore.

Posted By : straydog - 4/22/2017 7:13 PM
Hi Tim & welcome to the forum. Any surgical option will be based on what is showing up on an MRI Scan. I am guessing you have had one. Do you know what the results of the MRI was? Straight neck is usually called straightening of the cervical spine which is caused by muscles spasms. This can be seen on a plain film xray. The RFA is a temporary thing, not permanent.

If the surgeon gives surgery as an option be sure to obtain a 2nd opinion. You never want to consider any surgery without getting a 2nd opinion & sometimes a 3rd opinion. Of course none of us here can tell you to have surgery, that is your decision. However, we have had numerous members have successful surgeries. But for now, take it a step at a time. And, if you are a surgical candidate, I do hope you will use a neurosurgeon. They have far more expertise dealing with nerve issues involving the spine.

Keep us posted.
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Posted By : Tim Mcleod - 4/23/2017 8:41 AM
Thanks for your response. No i have had a myleogram ct done only because i have a bullet lodged in my brain so i can't do a MRI. Im just in a lot of pain and having a hard time with all of this.

Posted By : straydog - 4/23/2017 9:27 AM
Tim, what did the dr tell you the results of the myelogram & Ct showed? How long ago was the testing done? If you will look at the top here at CP101 & scroll towards the end, you will find a lot of information with tips about this surgery. All of the comments are from patients that has had this surgery. These comments are on how to prepare before & after surgery. Being prepared is the key to less stress.

When is your appt with the surgeon? Hopefully not too far off. Keep us posted.
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