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Posted By : pitmom - 4/24/2017 6:05 AM
Just want to share that I finally bought a t.e.n.s. unit at my pharmacy and had my pain management doctor show me where I should place the pads.

The morning after I first used it I actually woke up with NO lumbar spine pain!!!!!!! It had been months of pain, 24/7, prior to using it.

I'm not saying this is a 'cure'. I am saying this will become another weapon in my pain fighting arsenal!

Now, I'm looking forward to trying it on the shoulder!

Posted By : Sunny13 - 4/24/2017 6:38 AM
So happy you are getting such great relief from it!!

Was thinking of trying my tens unit again for my back. Has been a couple years since I tried it and am rather desperate for relief. Do you know if they sell the pads separate?
There's always HOPE.

Many challenges & lot to be thankful for.

Spina Bifida dx age 20; chronic back pain (tethered cord release, CSF leak), spinal cord re-tethered
neurogenic bladder (augment, urostomy, sling)
neurogenic bowel (colostomy)
chronic migraine, TMD
bulging discs etc. C3-C6
bipolar 2, anxiety
chronic nausea
total hysterectomy/surgical menopause @37

& more.

I'll be ok.

Posted By : (Seashell) - 4/24/2017 12:17 PM
That's fantastic to hear that you have found relief with the TENS unit.

Ongoing pain is such an individual struggle. Any degree of pain reduction is welcomed. I am glad to hear that the TENS unit has brought you to a better point. I am raising my morning cup of coffee in a toast to your betterment.

Now you can enjoy time in your garden amongst the flowers and plants that you cultivate. Cherish simple moments.

- karen -
Pituitary failure, wide-spread endocrine dysfunction
Addison's disease
Mixed connective tissue disorder
Extensive intestinal perforation with sepsis, permanent ileostomy
Avascular necrosis of both hips and jaw
Receiving Palliative Care (care and comfort)

Posted By : Alcie - 4/24/2017 2:04 PM
My TENS works fine on muscle spasms, but it doesn't do anything for arthritis or pinched nerves from bone problems.

Posted By : Runchman - 4/24/2017 2:17 PM
That's great news,has been on my mind to maybe have ago. I have nerve damadge so who knows.
Thankful you have some relief.

Posted By : pitmom - 4/24/2017 4:13 PM
Sunny, I asked my pharmacy if they sell the replacement pads, before buying the unit. They do carry them. Check your pharmacy to see if they have the ones that go with your unit. They might be able to order them if it's not a regular item for them.

Alcie and Runchman, I have permanent ulnar nerve damage and probably won't be finding out how that responds with a t.e.n.s. unit! It wasn't a modality that was used by my physical therapist on the elbow. I've had stim used on both upper and lower back and both shoulders and that is why I'm hoping for relief from this home unit.

I've had epidural injections for sciatica type pain (different nerve) which have been very effective. The pain I'm using the t.e.n.s. for is not nerve pain related. It's a general burning/aching in the lumbar area.

I had asked my pain management doctor about t.e.n.s. when I first started treating with him. He tried to get me one paid for my Medicare but the company he used just wanted to sell me a back brace and was giving me a run around about a unit, so I finally just bought my own.

The less 'pain killers' I can use, the better for me in the long run. Heat, ice, massage, braces, t.e.n.s., rest, NSAIDS...whatever it takes to keep the prescription to a minimum for as long as possible.
multiple surgeries for rotator cuff both shoulders with residual chronic impingement syndrome, ulnar nerve transposition, carpal tunnel release, wrist ganglionectomies/denervectomies/tenolysis, multiple herniated discs, tarlov cyst, whiplash, bursitis of hips, tendonitis, torus, 3rd degree shoulder separation, torn labrum, ovarian cysts, fibroid tumors of the uterus

Posted By : LexiRae - 4/30/2017 1:05 AM
Just some advice... Unless you get the tens unit/pads thru insurance, the price of the pads in the pharmacy is usually a good deal more expensive than those you can find online. A lot of pads work for a variety of different unit brands. You just want to double check unit manual/device info for specifications

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