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Posted By : Runchman - 4/24/2017 2:13 PM
hi everyone,i am so grateful in finding this site,I have had this since a back op went wrong,I am in so much pain I overdosed my meds,Last night I looked up all my medication was shocked so many aren't great for my condition and can make it worst.
I'm looking for other things which can help,and be there if anyone wants a chat,its a lonely life and if you haven't got it, you find it hard to understand.
I have know idea how to do this,worst thing its a new laptop lol...

have know idea what to tick,is there a certain one for running conversation.

Posted By : straydog - 4/24/2017 3:04 PM
Hi Runchman & welcome to Healing Well. So sorry to read about your surgery causing a whole set of new problems. How long ago was your surgery? What does your drs say about your current situation now? Has the dr tried you on any of the medications used to treat nerve pain? Sorry for so many questions, just trying to get an idea of things.

To keep a running thread here just come back here to chronic pain forum & look for your user name & click it on. You can also go into your profile & there should be a place to click that will send you an email if someone has posted here. I think that feature is still there.

This site is not as updated as many of these other web sites. We don't have private messaging like other sites do. This is where putting your email address in your profile comes in handy. If you will look towards the top on the left you will see My Profile, click it & you can put info in there. Only members can see that information.

We look forward to getting to know you. Something we understand very well is chronic pain. Take care.
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