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Posted By : V d - 4/28/2017 9:43 PM
hey guys my name is vicente im new here im going thru the worst thing right now, long story short my boyfriend cut me with a glass bong in september 2016
it cut me above my elbow, injuring my ulnar nerve, now all this is new to me so keep in mind i didn tknow wthell was happenin...

long story short i i was undiagnosed for FOUR months sad no one would help me i was going to the best hospitals in los angeles and my health insurance was taking way to long to find a specialist since they wanted and emg test first i didnt get an emg test till january sad the nuerosurgeon i saw told me i was going to heal fine and that i was okay but i was in SOOOO MUCH PAIN SOO MUCH PAIN and i started developing new issues ganglion cyst by my wrist and my muscles were atrophing so bad! , so my dummy self went to mexico to get help from an "expert ortho" he told me i had developed a nueroma 5 cm long.. so he did a nerve graft of 7 cm (inches) he took sural nerve from behind my leg to do the nerve graft at the elbow... but at the same time He also performed an ain nerve transfer to the ulnar nerve since it would take to long... now

im having complications now.. i feel so much TENSION by my wrist and now I CANNOT BEND MY HAND UP... THIS IS SCARING ME AND FREAKING ME OUT SO MUCH sad( I HAD surgery done in february 2017 its now april 2017 two month have passed... my wrist is like basically stuck ... im back in los angeles and one ortho told me they dont want to operate,,... wth?? i have so much tension something is VERY WRONG i cannot bend my wrist up and i looked at the procedure online and this doctor didnt decompress my hand... im frreaken out the neursurgeons at lausc today told me they cannot do anything for me.. so they refered me to ortho i wil be seeing them,,, its crazy how no one out here knows about this stuff im so sad i have hmo insurance so yeah it kinda sucks not to have ppo im so freaken sad and depressed idk how much longe ri can take this i just want my hand to bend back like before ii want to go back to work im so misrable i read about two people who had ain nerve transfers and they didnt report this... im sad this cannot be happening to me im so devesated...

for four months i was going around emergency rooms no one would help and now no one is gunna want to operate on me... im so sad i need help i know osmething is wrong... something doesnt feel right... im living in anightmare i cant even drive my hand was fine before surgery... it was just numbness and loss of sensastion and pain but now i cannot bend it backwards its so wierd.. im so scared and freaking out this insurance takes way too long i have no money to see a private doctor... does anyone know anything about this?? im so desperete for help any suggestions?? im loosin gmy mind not ony that but the fact that th eperson i love so much did this to me... the scars... the emotional loosing my mind please pray for me i have like no one an dim so scared i never h=thought about sharing this story with anyone but im just so desperte for help idk what to do i miss my hand i dont feel normal anymore on top of all this my foot is now numb too since theyused 21 cm of sural erve for the graft... i cannot believ thi si shappening to me im very depressed to the point where i want to give up on myself.. my boyfriend dumped me as soon as i went there the emotional pain and physical pain is too much im just so scared right now in thi smoment of my life... i feel so desolate im in a complete state of desolation i really need help before i lose my mind trying to stay away from whatsbad from me i came back to fix my hand an d now one helps me im back to square 1 but worse something is wrong i dont know if he even performed the surgery right im so sad and i been stuck in the same day since september 2016 its a nightmare sad does anyone know wat i can do cause emergency rooms r just gunna refer me to a specialist im so sad

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Posted By : straydog - 4/29/2017 7:25 AM
V D, I went back & read your original thread because your post sounded familiar. I know with an HMO it can limit you with getting care. From the way it sounds you do not have a primary care physician. Expecting ER drs to make referrals is not the way to go, that is why you need a primary care dr that can make referrals needed.

Injuries such as yours can take a long time to recovery which has been mentioned previously here. I suggest establishing yourself with a primary dr & ask to be referred to a hand specialist. Some drs are reluctant to do more surgery after another dr has already operated. One of the reasons are the patient has too high of expectations & they cannot be met. That may sound lame, but reality is if the problem cannot be corrected 100% then the patient is extremely unhappy & a good patient/dr relationship cannot be established.

Another thought is see if your insurance will pay for you to be seen at a teaching hospital. A lot of people do this when they can't get help with main stream drs. Do an online search for teaching hospitals in your area & check them out of they take your insurance.

Take care.
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