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Posted By : Flannigan - 5/10/2017 3:10 PM
I am a 53 year old male and have been using different ED drugs for about 5 years now. I am currently using Viagra as it seems to give me the quickest results with the least amount of side affects. I take about 25 mg a session.

At first I had the normal flushing and congestion and felt very tired and drained the next day (also common side affect). However, more recently I have been getting severe lower back pain, leg pains and pains in my ass. The pain even travels up to my shoulder area as well. I also notice my hands, face and feet are somewhat swollen and my hands will fall asleep at night way more than they used to and it's not from me sleeping on them. I feel awful and swollen. It's very uncomfortable. I felt like I had a blood disorder or cancer.

The pain is now chronic in my lower back. and will last for several days before subsiding. It has gotten so bad that I have had to stop taking the Viagra to give my body time to recuperate. This has been very difficult for me and my girlfriend. My girlfriend has an insatiable sexual appetite and wants it every day. At first I could live up to her expectations but no longer. I think the Viagra has now accumulated in my tissue and it's just too painful for me to take that often. It's been difficult because the sex with her is beyond amazing.

Anyhow...I have done a lot of research on this subject and I have tried all kinds of different supplements and what not. Cialis and Levitra make the problem even worse.

I believe that the cause of the pain is because these ED drugs cause an overdose of Nitric Oxide in the body as well as dilating your blood vessels and causing general swelling throughout the body. Taking other supplements like L-Argenine will make you feel even worse.

However, what was most alarming to me and what I have never seen in all my research on the internet is that my girlfriend starting feeling most of my symptoms. She was not aware that I was even taking it for 2 years so I know she was not trying to copy my symptoms. She started complaining of body aches all the time and feeling tired and sick the following day after a good session the night before. That's when I started to get suspicious that she was feeling the side affects too but when she started telling me that her hands were falling asleep all the time for no reason, that's when I knew the Viagra was now in her system and affecting her. I had to tell her. It was very difficult and still is. As much as I love this women and the sex is the best I have ever had with anyone I just feel like I can't keep doing this to both of us. The side affects really don't bother us until the day after we have sex. The shear pleasure of having sex with her overrides and pain in our bodies.

It concerns me that there are not more people writing about this as I am certain we can't be the only couple suffering from this. I think the big drug companies do very good job of scouring the internet and taking down as much bad publicity as they can.

I have tried just about everything from all kinds of special herbs and spices and different supplements but can't seem to find anything that works.

Does anyone have any positive suggestions for me ? I love this girl and without sex I think we are done.


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Posted By : (Seashell) - 5/10/2017 7:08 PM
I appreciate your honesty and forthrightness as regards the detrimental effects that Viagra has inflicted on you.

Big Pharmaca is Big Business in the Inited States. Big Pharmaca spends over $3 billion a year on advertising of medications to the public at large. Don't you wonder why it is that you see a commercial for Viagra or Cialis during the evening news?

Adverse effects tend to be downplayed. Profits are all important.

While I can appreciate that your sex life is outstanding with your girl friend, a long lasting relationship requires other qualities in addition to physical attraction. In addition, there are other ways to be close and intimate that do not require intercourse. Spend time to get to know each other in other ways. If the relationship fails because you are no longer up to the physical task, the relationship was most likely on shaky ground to begin with.

You have just one body. Treasure it and treat it well.

As someone with several chronic conditions and on Palliative Care, I would advise you to discontinue the Viagra as you are thoughtfully contemplating.

Good health, when lost, is not always possible to reclaim.

Be caring of yourself and your body. It's the only body you're got.

Thank you for sharing your experience. Your narrative will enlighten others and save them from a similar experience.

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Posted By : CaliJR - 5/13/2017 9:48 AM
Flannigan. Sorry for the delay in a reply. If you haven't done so, I would also post this on the Prostate Cancer section as there are many men there who have ED issues related to PCa.

I agree with Karen - I can admire your sex life that you mention, undergoing prostate cancer treatment does not allow that immense sex life. However you really should be discussing your issues with a Urologist. I assume you are seeing one about your ED issues that required the Viagra. You are having major side effects and you don't know what long term issues you could have if you continue. It would be good to have a frank discussion with your girlfriend on what you plan to do and even take her to the doctor with you. A good relationship should survive medical issues... in the end, we all have medical conditions and we are looking for a life long companion. Good luck on your path. Take care. -JR
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Posted By : Flannigan - 5/13/2017 12:16 PM
Calijr...thanks for the response. I am really struggling to figure this out. When my girlfriend started experiencing the same side affects that I was having I finally had to have talk with her. I came clean about using the Viagra. It was difficult but necessary. I did make an appointment with a urologist and she came with me because naturally she was concerned as well. The urologist and other doctors told us straight up that there is no way the Viagra could be affecting my girlfriend. I know they are wrong.

I have scoured the internet looking for any articles or forums about this but have not found any. We could not be the only couple in the world experiencing this phenomenon.

By the way...I did also post on the prostate cancer forum and have received some responses but no one has offered any plausible causes for the overall body aches and pains and no one has commented on any of the ED drugs affecting their partner.

I am really at a loss here and desperately looking for some answers.


Posted By : (Seashell) - 5/14/2017 5:08 PM
I think that you have to appreciate that you are your own sample size, n = 1, as to the side effects of Viagra that are affecting you and your partner/girlfriend.

I say this as someone who has been at the receiving end of countless misdiagnoses from well meaning physicians and countless medical mistakes.

Physicians know what they know. But there is a vast universe of information regarding the human body that they do not know.

There is a huge profit incentive in the ED pharmaceutical market, Viagra and Cialis and Levitra among them.

I think that you are likely aware that Viagra is not meant to be used as a daily ED medication. This may be one factor in your systemic build-up of Viagra's active ingredients. You are using Viagra too frequently.

As regards your partner/girlfriend experiencing similar systemic effects, I think you can trust that some element of Viagra's active ingredients are crossing your tissues into her own. The blood vessel dialation alone would explain for how the drug is passing from you to her. Your physician may be playing mute on vocalizing any awareness of similar effects simply because of the huge role that ED medications are playing in the pharmaceutical industry and in the relationship between pharmacy representatives and physicians (who are often given incentives to prescribe one medication over another).

I think you are playing with a potentionally serious situation if you continue to use Viagra at 25mf daily.

Believe me when I say that you have but this one body. Treat your body well and with due diligence. Good health, when lost, can often NOT be refound.
- karen -
Pituitary failure, wide-spread endocrine dysfunction
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Extensive intestinal perforation with sepsis, permanent ileostomy
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Posted By : Flannigan - 5/14/2017 10:26 PM
Thank you Karen. I truly appreciate your advice and I have since backed off on the daily use. I only use a small dose (less than 25 mg) a couple of times a week. The side affects still persist. Maybe it's time to just leave it alone and deal with my ED situation and the fact that my body is telling me something. I am sorry for your pain and suffering and my heart goes out to you.


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