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Posted By : GeriG - 5/22/2017 6:37 PM
History: Severe scoliosis - L4-5/L5-S1 fusion November 2016.
Arthritis - Total hip replacement (left) May 2017.

Since beginning of 2016 burning pain top left buttock. Unfortunately, although back and hip surgery were successful I still have debilitating buttock pain when moving around which starts almost immediately and only goes if I lie down for couple of minutes.

I'm trying to stay positive but it's getting harder. After two major surgeries i was hopeful of some relief but that's not happening. I'm writing to see if somewhere out there someone has had similar problems and if maybe "there's a light at the end of the tunnel".

I have given your post a title. Susie

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Posted By : straydog - 5/22/2017 8:28 PM
Hi GeriG & welcome to the forum. So sorry to read what you are dealing especially after all the surgery that has been done. What does the dr have to say about this? My thoughts are you have had a lot of surgery in a short while. I know drs tell patients the recovery from a fusion is 6 months. I have never seen anyone recover in 6 months from a fusion. Usually things are calmed down & healed more like in 12-18 month range. Is there a reason the hip was done so soon after your back?

My thinking is its the nerves still healing from the surgery on your back & your hip. Nerves have to heal on their own & no one can predict how long that will take. I am sorry that you are having such a hard time. If xrays look hopefully this will go away.

Take care.


Posted By : (Seashell) - 5/23/2017 1:42 PM
I think you will need to give your body more time to heal and find its equilibrium point.

It is not unusual to find recovery from a hip replacement takes 6-8 months. The lumbar fusion recovery may take a more extended period of recovery due to the face that nerve pain and nerve hypersensitivity is generally slow to resolve.

Work with your physical therapist on both core strengthening and stretching within safe parameters for your new hip (to avoid dislocation as the fibrous joint capsule heals) and lumbar fusion.

One theory of dampening nerve pain is provide purposeful sensory input into the nerve pathway, thereby limiting the ability of the nerve to perceive pain. Your therapist should be able to show you approaches to dampen nerve pain. Have you ever tried a TENS init? A TENS unit works off of the sensory processing theory.

More than anything, I think that you need time for additional healing. You have had two significant surgeries to closely related body areas. Surgery itself is a trauma to the body and comes with its own need for recovery.

When your incisions have healed and your surgeon deems you OK ago go in the water, a warm therapy pool program might be just the environment that your joints need. Water provides a welcoming buoyancy to joints recovery from surgery.

Try not to feel discouraged. You've had quite a bit of surgery within a short period of time.
- Karen -
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