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Posted By : MsKwig - 5/25/2017 12:02 AM
Hello everyone! I am researching on how to at least get my pain decrease so I can better take care of my family. I hurt myself in 2001, when I was helping a patient. I ended up hurting my back, tearing my rotator cuff, and some other things came to light. I had surgery to repair my shoulder and my back. I had a Spinal Fusion of L4-S1. I had a long recovery for some reason. Seven years later, I rehabbed again and went back to work. I have been on pain medications ever since. Now I have reinjured my back and have been back on medication. I am currently on Oxycodone 10mg, three times a day. I also have had multiple injections and have been in other trials to see if I can regain my life. I have been on these 10's for over a year and they have very little effect now. I have told my doctor this with no change. I am struggling on what to do next. What else can I take? If my doctors are listening, what do I do? smhair

Posted By : straydog - 5/25/2017 6:55 AM
Hello & welcome to Healing Well. Unfortunately all people just do not heal like other people do. I am glad to read that you did manage to get back on your feet. But, re-injuring your back is a tough one especially since you have already had surgery. I am guessing you injured the same area again.

Are you by chance seeing a pain mgt dr? It sounds like you have built up a tolerance to the oxycodone since it no longer helps. If you are with a pain mgt dr, why not discuss putting you on an extended release medication that will last longer & be more effective. There are several meds he can pick from. Quite honestly this is what most pain mgt dr with patients that are going to need pain meds long term. Besides pain meds what else are you doing to help with some of your pain?

I would certainly ask about this if I were in your shoes. Take care.
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Posted By : Mercy&Grace - 5/25/2017 3:38 PM
It sounds like you need a stronger pain med. I agree with Susie about talking to your doctor about Extended Release pain meds. Also if you are not seeing a pain management doctor, you may need to start.

Have tests been done to verify what type of damage was done when your back was injured again?

Posted By : Alcie - 5/26/2017 7:25 AM
I don't get as much relief from oxy as from hydrocodone. I've tried oxycodone instant before, but now my doc wants me on an extended-relief, so I'm taking oxycontin (same ingredient, just extended-release). It's not lasting long enough and I need my "breakthrough" Norco (hydrocodone instant release) twice a day.

I think I built up a tolerance to oxy in just 3 months. I haven't had that problem with hydro. I get to see my pain doc next month, will ask him for a higher oxy (10mg now) or if there is something different.

Hysingla, a time-release hydrocodone was worse. It was supposed to last 24 hours, lasted about 8, and it was really hard to swallow, kept getting stuck. It wasn't the ingredient but the packaging - the time-release mechanism.

Maybe others will come up with ideas for extended-release????? The government and insurance insist we take these products.

Posted By : Mercy&Grace - 5/26/2017 9:04 AM
Alcie, Hysingla is abuse-deterrent. I don't know if that may have anything to do with it not working well for you or not. Have you tried Zohydro ? Zohydro is extended release hydrocodone. But, it is not abuse-deterrent.

There are no Laws that state a patient with chronic pain must take extended release pain meds. But, when a patient needs medication 24/7 extended release usually work better than immediate release meds. They also don't require as many pills in a prescription.

Posted By : Alcie - 5/26/2017 4:46 PM
M&G, Hysingla is abuse deterrent but also also extended release. No, I haven't tried Zohydro. Not sure why doc didn't prescribe that. It rates higher in patient reviews on than Hysingla. I get a little better relief from oxycontin, but need to talk to my pain doc about something that works better. I'm behaving, not complaining and trying it for 3 months .... and suffering.

I didn't mean to say there was a law, but CDC "Guidelines" have influence. State drug review boards are getting tougher. /

MsKwig, Extended release drugs are a good idea. They just need more work, for some of us chronic pain patients. If you are not seeing a pain doctor, find one. If you are, ask about extended release. They're better than constantly going up and down with pain every few hours.

Extended release is a good idea, and it works for some patients.

Posted By : Mercy&Grace - 5/26/2017 5:26 PM
Alcie, sorry. I didn't mean to infer Hysingla was not extended release. If I remember correctly, Zohydro is more expensive than Hysingla.

State Medicaid programs have always had their own set of rules. Those rules only pertain to those that have Medicaid. It has been more difficult for doctors that treat Medicaid patients and prescribe opiates and certain other meds for at least the last 7 years due to Senator Charles Grassley. Beginning in 2010, he sent letters to State Medicaid Programs wanting to know what disciplinary actions were taken against Medicaid doctors who were high prescribers of certain meds.

If the link does not take you to the page, put "Grassley Pursues Prescription Drug Abuse in Medicaid, Medicare" in google.

Grassley Pursues Prescription Drug Abuse in Medicaid, Medicare-

Posted By : Alcie - 5/27/2017 7:41 AM
That link did not work. It just gets to Sen. Grassley's page. I found the law he got passed that allows physician assistants and nurse practitioners to be able to prescribe some drug to treat addiction - but the drug name is not in the article!

Posted By : Mercy&Grace - 5/27/2017 1:55 PM
Alcie, I apologize. Put "Grassley Pursues Prescription Drug Abuse in Medicaid, Medicare" in google. The page should come up.

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