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Posted By : pitmom - 5/31/2017 5:18 AM
I've had a Tarlov cyst on the coccyx bone for years. A recent MRI now shows multiple cysts. These are truly a pain in the rear! I had asked about having them removed but have been told that surgery is rarely successful.

This past weekend, I purchased a "Miracle Bamboo" brand orthopedic seat cushion which had a cut out for the coccyx area. I've been using it on the chair in the living room for a few days now and have been much more comfortable.

The only 'problem' I'm having is that the cushion is thick, which raises me up and being tiny to begin with, my knees are now bothering me from my feet not reaching the floor! I'll be buying a foot stool next!

There have been nights when my coccyx has been so irritated that it has kept me awake. The past few nights, I have not been kept awake from pain in that area.

One more weapon in my pain fighting arsenal (no pun intended).

Posted By : (Seashell) - 5/31/2017 7:26 AM
Cushions with horse-shoe cutouts for the tailbone are the best. Anyone with coccyx pain should consider a T-foam cushion with sacral cutout.

I had my large intestine resected with a resulting ileostomy. It also involved removal of my rectum and anus and surgical closure of my "back end." Sitting was problematic for a good year. It was only with a cushion with a horse-shoe cutout for the tailbone/coccyx that I was able to sit for limited periods.

The lower spine (acids equine) has a high percentage of nerve roots that innervate the lower pelvis and urogenital organs. Pitmon, your cysts have a genuine source of discomfort.

Your physician is being honest with you in his assessment of surgery. The cysts reappear despite surgery. More concerning is that the healing of the soft tissues in the area is nortiriously delayed and prone to infection or abscess. An abdominal flap of tissue/fat/skin often has to be transferred to close the wound bed.

Glad your cushion is of help. I would not have been able to sit without one.
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Posted By : straydog - 5/31/2017 7:30 AM
Yep, I am short too & cannot sit with my legs dangling, lol. Usually when I sit I have to prop my legs up to keep the swelling down, thats a big problem with me. Hopefully your cushion will help you a lot.Your dr is so right about removing them, they do have a tendency to come back.

Take care & get that foot stool as soon as you can.
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