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Posted By : Hurt_girl - 6/4/2017 12:04 AM
Hi . new here. Heres my story.

I am 34 years old. I have a fiancee and a almost 2 year old baby girl.
I got drunk one day and tripped. I had a very small scrape on my knee. This happened on a Saturday. It didn't hurt because the scrape was,the size of a dime. Let me also say that my daughter was on vacation w her grandpa so she,was safe. Anyway....Saturday this happened. Sunday I was hungover and felt like the leg I scraped was aching. Not so bad. So I,was just laying around,trying,to,recover,from drinking too much. I was sick as a dog. Throwing up. Sweating. Restless. Stomach ache. I hadn't,drank like that in a long time so it just seemed like the hangover,from hell.

Sunday night my knee started getting bruised. And looked like a bump the size,of a golf ball. I just figured the bump and bruise came a little late from my fall. Was still aching. Sunday night I go to sleep and wake up to,excruciating pain early Monday morning. My knees was completely purple and swollen. I couldn't put much weight,on it. I was thinking maybe,I had a hairline fracture and me walking around on it,made it worse. I didnt,know,what else to think of it. Pain got so bad by noon I called an ambulance and,off,to,the ER I went.

My bp was so,low. Rapid heart beat. Had a low temp. Was sweating and,throwing up. I still thought,I was hungover. Tell Drs everything. They take x,ray blood test and rush me into surgery. They said it was a very bad infection and had,to take off most,of my knee skin and scrape dying tissue out to save my leg. Spent a week n half in,icu on antibiotics and fluids. Not able to move much. Had 4 surgeries to,clean it up and cut more,skin off and tissue,nerve to make sure,infection was gone.

I was then moved to adult care,unit,for another week. Dressing changes were,horrible. Was given,diluded before they changed bandages. Morphine for pain every 2,hours. Lortab. Fentnyl once. So I get discharged w a,wound,vac that sucks all th yucky fluid,out of my leg . I'm home. And I'm in,so much dann pain. I can't do much. I use a walker and still can't put much weight,on my leg, but they said it was,necrotizing fasciitis. Aka. Flesh eating disease. I have no more infection in my blood after 3 1/2 weeks. Its not,contagious. I'm able to shower. But,go,back to hospital every tues and,Fri,for them to check my,leg and change the,dressing on the,wound,vac.

Its so painful. I was prescribed 5/325 Percocet. One pill ever 6 hours as,needed. What a joke. I take 2 pills every 6 hours. sad they also gave me flexeril and I am to,take half a pill every 12 hours.
Thanks for sticking w me this long. I am having surgery again Tuesday. Eventually I will get a skin graft. But if this pain stays this way can I go back to,the ER before Tuesday and will they help me,w,pain or just tell me,I'm already being treated. Its hard,not,to lay here and cry from pain. I'm able to,get up n use a walker to go,to,the rr. But once I move its pain pain pain. sad

Anyone heal from,Necrotizing fasciitis? Know,someone,who has? How,long will I be,in pain all day? What else can I do? How,long will skin graft take to heal? Will it,be as,painful as just having,the wound,vac on it? I'm miserable. And my poor baby has to see me cry oh in pain,while her dad,tries to,comfort me. This,is a tough,battle,and I'm,tired,of,being in pain. Help. sad

I have made some paragraphs in your post to make it easier to read.

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Posted By : straydog - 6/4/2017 8:32 AM
Hello & welcome to Healing Well. I am sorry to read what you are dealing with. However, it is a good thing the hospital drs acted promptly in finding the culprit & treating it aggressively.

I went back through the archives here & found an old post on someone but the diagnosis was not definitive so that was of no help. What I do suggest is the questions you have posed here should be addressed to the dr before your surgery, not the day of surgery as I am afraid time restraints may not yield you a lot of answers. If you are going to be inpatient after surgery then ask these questions. Having any type of surgery the patient needs to be informed prior to surgery.

As far as going to ER because of pain, probably not a good idea. ER's tell people we do not give pain medication, see your personal dr for that. It has been this way for years. People are treated like they are drug seekers when they show up in ER wanting pain relief. I do understand all too well about pain, however, doubling your dose of Percocet can get you in trouble with your dr. The CDC & NIH have guidelines over narcotics being dispensed to patients regardless of the condition & drs go by these guidelines. You will need pain medication for a bit after surgery & you don't want to run the risk of having an even more limited access of medication while recuperating.

I do suggest that you follow all post op instructions to the letter. If you have questions call the dr & speak to his nurse so she can get answers for you.

Good luck with your surgery & let us hear from you when you are doing better. Take care.
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Posted By : (Seashell) - 6/4/2017 8:48 AM
Hurt girl:
I can empathize with your pain experience.

I had an open surgery for a perforated intestine with a 20" incision that was left open to heal with a wound vac. The wound took 8 months to close. The dressing changes during this time were excruciating - with each dressing change the wound was debrieded and the nerve ending exposed. This is similar to your wound situation.

You are extremely fortunate to be alive. Necrosing faciatitis is a deadly bacteria that multiples rapidly and can cause organ failure.

I imagine that the wound deficit of your upper and lower leg and knee is quite extensive. Nerve endings will be exposed and exceedingly painful. Time will be your best friend and ally. You need time and tissue granulation in conjunction with the proposed skin graft to achieve full healing.

Try to find things to distract you from the pain. During my recovery. I viewed a lot of NetFlix movies and took to gardening in raised planter boxes.

If your physician and insurance approve, working with a physical therapist might be worthwhile. They can make sure that the surrounding muscles do not shorten and contract as you are healing. And they can give you a active focus toward recovery.

You've been given a second chance at life. I found that I came through my harrowing ordeal (and near death experience) with renewed appreciations for the many blessings in my life. I continue to use those learnings in confronting the pain that continues to follow me.

Continued best wishes. Yours is a difficult road but with a good medical team and love of family and your own resiliency you make it through to better days ahead.
- Karen -
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Posted By : Hurt_girl - 6/4/2017 9:54 AM
Thank you for the replies. Last night was a bad night of pain and no sleep. But u two are right. I'm very fortunate to be alive and I needed to be reminded about that. I guess getting used to some,of the pain is a thing I need to do. On Tuesday they are aupposed to put some sort of cloth tlbarrier down that has special medicine on it to help it heal. I pray it does what they want it to. Also I have only seen physical therapist twice while in the acu. So I will ask again Tuesday. I do try to move it more each day. I will update Tuesday.

Posted By : (Seashell) - 6/4/2017 3:37 PM
I certainly did not mean to minimize your pain experience. I can appreciate that your pain is significant and ongoing, as your wound bed is likely significant in breadth and depth. Nerve endings are like sparking live overhead electrical wires.

As with my open abdominal wound, your leg wound is being left open so that infectious matter is allowed to exit the wound bed and the body. Serous exudate, necrotic debris, and the cellular matrix of white blood cells and T-cells that are actively working to control the bacterial invasion need an outlet out of the body - thus the wound vac. The wound vac operates under a negative pressure, drawing exudate out and awayfrom the wound bed.

The dressing that will be placed over your wound bed will likely be a form of hydrocolloid adaptic dressing. These dressings are moisture absorbing (hydrophilic) and generally have either a petroleum base or silver nitrate base. Once the tissue dressing is laid in place your pain level will be markedly lessened. The nerve endings are no longer exposed. It is analogous to using a fire extinguisher on a fire.

Do talk to your medical team about a physical therapy referral. It is typical for the involved muscles and connective tissue to shorten. It is also true that people will hold their injuried extremity in a position of most comfort - generally flexed. The problem lies in the later rehabilitation. Once muscles and tissues are contracted, it is much more difficult to regain full range of motion. For the knee, full extension becomes limited - adopting a stance of up-on-toes walking. Early fitting with a positioning splint can go a long way to easy later rehabilitation. A custom molded polypropylene splint would be something to query your medical team. Proactive care now can save you later rehabilitation misery.

I watched the full series of "The Black List" and "Madame Secretary" on NetFlix during my recovery. Find a television series that you enjoy and give yourself permission to watch entertaining movies to offer distraction from the ongoing wound pain and to allow the rest that your leg needs.

You most likely are looking at a long period of recovery, several months. Yours will be a marathon and not a 100 yard dash. But you should be able to see positive step wise progress over the weeks ahead. Look for small wins. Your recovery will be a series of small wins.

The Good News is that the worst of the injury and wound debriedment is likely behind you. The worst is in your rear view mirror. Hold onto that thought when you feel discouraged.

Sending you healing prayer,
- K -

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Posted By : Hurt_girl - 6/4/2017 6:06 PM
Thank you so much for explaining it like u did. Exactly how it feels. Yes they said when they cover it with this special cloth it has medicine on it and it will stay on,for,2,weeks before they check it again. I can take steps on my leg a little. From last week I could,only tip toe. Today I can put my foot,flat down now. I'm doing my best to get it moving more each day . this,wound,vac makes it,difficult w how tight,it,feels. I would post a pic if I could lol. Its not pretty. But I'm excited for surgery. Means more healing coming soon. Thnk u for replying. It helps a lot. I feel so down sometime. I sat outside today so,fresh air was nice.

Posted By : Hurt_girl - 6/17/2017 9:27 PM
I havent updated since my last surgery.
I am doing okay.
Thr pain is still tgere but some days are better than others. I've asked the Dr to switch,me,from oxycodone to hydrocodone. I want to see if,it,makes a difference,with my nausea. So far,I'm still feeling sick sometime when taking,the,pain meds.
I have,surgery again,this,coming Tuesday to clean my leg real good. When they change the dressing and wound,vac the,pain,is so,intemse for me,I,nearly pass out.
One good thing. I habe,stopped usimg,the,wheel chair and have,gone to crutches. smile I also took a shower today trying to stand instead,of using,the,bath seat.
Baby steps. I still dont know when the skin graft will start but every tues and Fri during my appts,they say I'm healing good. Slowly but,it looks better and better.

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