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Posted By : mallardmark - 6/16/2017 6:25 PM
Greetings everyone. I'd like to say hello to you all and hope that you all are doing as well as can be. I would like to apologize for not responding to your replies for a post I had wrote awhile back about my pain pump. Well I seem to have stumbled on another issue and am hoping maybe somebody might be able to help. I'm sure I might have mentioned about my ordeal with my right ankle and the trouble I seem to be having. Real short, Feb. 27 2017 I had a second fusion on my right ankle and it is now June 16th and the ankle is still just shy of softball size. Still quite painful and turned to the right at a 45 Deg.angle.basicly back where I started. Any ideas why it would still be swollen. Sorry so long and I promise I'll be back. Thank you all and have a great weekend.. Mark

Posted By : Alcie - 6/17/2017 9:43 PM
Second surgery recovery will be at least as long as the first. Sorry. The swelling problem is the same. Keep it elevated as much as you can. I've got my foot on the desk while typing. The higher the better.

I had my second surgery 10 months ago, not a fusion but tendon transfer and bone graft. It still hurts a LOT and seems collapsing inward again like it did the first time. Swelling after a little walking. I don't want any more surgery because of the long recovery and continued pain. Maybe a stronger arch support will help. Lace-up braces haven't helped at all.

My ankle was "fixed" after a severe break where my foot was turned backward. "No tendons injured." Yeah, right, and would you like some of my nice swampland or a bridge? Second op by a good podiatrist "fixed" - transferred tendons and put in a bone wedge (Evans osteotomy). But he didn't fix the other tendons that were torn.

By now you know what surgeons are like. Once they are done you are proclaimed cured. Only it's not true if you have tendons and joints involved. It never is going to be normal again. The best we can hope for with a severe problem with an ankle is improvement.

Fusion is going to mean loss of mobility. The joint is lost. But maybe the pain will stop.

Bad thing is it doesn't happen very soon. My pain has gone down in last month (9th) and I'm walking better. Have patience and follow your doctor's instructions and keep bugging him if it's bad. Pain meds do help with this. I see a pain specialist in a clinic. They can help you get through what the surgeon can't. OTC meds don't do anything for me. If you are under the care of a good physiatrist or pain doc you can get better help and not worry about addiction. I know you have a pain pump, but it might not help with this kind of pain.

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