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Posted By : JakenGess - 7/12/2017 10:03 AM
I have a question. I have a disc herniation and also bone spur compressing my central spinal cord at two levels c4-c7. Recently diagnosed but haven't seen neurosurgeon yet. My question is, occasionally when I have a bad day, I get left shoulder and collar bone pain, like a heaviness, sometimes even pain wrapping around to my chest at a lower level. Been ruled out for MS, normal MRI of brain, seems to all be related to spine and discs. Hard to describe but I worry if that is a symptom of the cord compression or just muscle spasms??? Or is it just me making it worse in my own mind??? Is this nerve pain or spinal cord compression also??? They say well if you lose bowel/bladder function to go to ER, I want to say really?!? No kidding! When my pcp evaluated my left arm pain all my reflexes were intact, and strength wise I am equal. But at what point do they get worried? Are these bad signs before the reflexes go? What is the progression of symptoms for spinal cord compression. My arm pain is described as like a muscle fatigue feeling. Like I have been lifting weights and now I am spent, but without actually doing anything. I think loss of function is the worse of the worse and usually symptoms precipitate before this? Are these those symptoms??

Anyone have any thoughts???

Posted By : straydog - 7/12/2017 1:04 PM
See what I posted in the thread you posted on asking about this. Also in another thread we posted to you about muscle relaxers.
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