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Posted By : machineboy - 7/21/2017 3:25 PM
I smoke weed to help with back pain from a bicycle accident. Ive always smoked but there are days when i wake up wrong or times when it just acts up and weed has always been enough to deal.

But lately Ive been smoking a lot more i admit, but a friend of mine made it apt to tell me that no one who smokes that much weed can be happy; that i must be feeling down or depressed. Ive had some doubts with anxiety and depression before but i don't feel like that now. or is there something I'm not seeing?

I dunno just some thoughts.

I thought I would add that this might also fit in the depression forum. Don't mean to break any rules.

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Posted By : straydog - 7/21/2017 4:28 PM
machineboy, if you think you are depressed get some help. We do have a depression forum here that you may want to check out. Healing Well allows discussion for MM only, not for recreational use which it sounds like what you are doing.
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Posted By : Diamond20_UK - 7/21/2017 4:39 PM
Hi machineboy,

When taking weed for pain, a lot of people take a certain amount each day for it to work but your going over your amount, so you won't feel the benefit plus your slowing your brain down to much into a relaxed state where things will be an effort, so what's the next thing depression because your so relaxed just to move is to much, all this will contribute to how your feeling.

Take a tip from your mate cut back on it, do a certain dose each day for your pain and also do what "Susie" suggests get some extra help.

I've been there myself mate in the past on downers and got help, as we all need help or someone at some stage in our lives plus it sounds like your mates watching out for you at the same time.

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Posted By : Mercy&Grace - 7/21/2017 8:50 PM
Marijuana is a drug and a person can abuse it and become addicted to it. If you aren't seeing a counselor this might be a good time to start.

Posted By : (Seashell) - 7/22/2017 6:59 PM
Kudos to you for the maturity to have the maturity and self-reflection to give thoughtful consideration as to what factors influence the amount of marijuana you use. That you are pausing and reflecting is to be commended.

My father was an alcoholic at one phase of his life. My brother had been diagnosed with a glioblastoma (the brain malignancy that Senator John McCaine has been diagnosed. My father turned to alcohol to numb his emotional pain.

I offer my father's pairing with alcohol as an example of how/why some people turn to alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs or comfort food in excess. Alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, comfort food, and simple carbohydrate foods act to fill an unmet emotional need or numbs emotional pain or serves as a temporary escape. These same substances, at a neurochemical level, also stimulate the pleasure and reward center of the brain.

Are you seeking to numb or distance yourself of emotional pain or toxic stress when you are smoking more marijuana? The answer rests within you and your inner awareness.

Best wishes,
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Posted By : Sc0tt - 7/25/2017 9:23 AM
Hi machineboy, ya, my son smokes way too much weed and it does make him depressed, he sort of recognizes it doesn't seem able to do anything about it.For you, maybe other avenues of pain management and less weed may help?, and I would agree with others that suggest counseling - you would be AMAZED at what a good therapist can do for you

Posted By : machineboy - 8/11/2017 8:23 AM
hello out there

honestly i did really expect anyone to be so responsive. And it made me feel really out of my element.

I guess I expected to be more anonymous or something, which is unrealistic when one joins a group people for the purpose of sharing. But all the responses kinda overwhelmed me, which i wasn't expecting.

Id like to clear some stuff up and address some things

@straydog Thanks for the tip about the depression forum. Ive started a thread there and will be replying there next. Sorry about my vague post in regard to mj use. i don't mean to break any rules. also, i really like your username.

@Diamond20_UK thanks for the elaboration and for endorsing my pal. You're both right, but also made some other recommendations which ill elaborate on in my next post.

@(Seashell) my dad had some issues with alcohol that got the best of him-not my issue-just saying this to say that i appreciate your sharing that.

@sc0tt Im sure that when your boy wants to smokeless or quit, like actually wants to, he will. If its affecting him negatively i hope he figures that out sooner than later. I wish you and him the best.

To those suggesting counseling and therapy, I have seen many T's before. Theres one person i like to go see but only once in awhile.

I do have a prescription for my MJ which i use as directed...mostly, except for when i feel like i need to
feel it a little more. But thats the same for other prescriptions too, not all, but some . Sometimes its for physical pain although, full disclosure, its not the only reason its prescribed to me. Is using MJ frowned upon?

I don't plan on stopping at all. It really helps when i need it to and it doesn't have any side effects like other perceptions I've had. Im mean of course it does, but not in a way i can't manage,mostly.

After talking with my friend about this, she helped me want to give it another go. So here I am.

Its helps me to be able to share but you don't have to worry about try to fix me really. That's what my T and meds are for-at least that what their intentions are.

Anyway, didn't mean to "ghost" the forum or anything like that and i hope this helps to explain.

Thank you for your words and I promise to try to share as much as I can


Posted By : straydog - 8/11/2017 1:39 PM
MachineBoy, what is written in online posts can be interpreted any way a person would like to. Much different than being face to face with an individual.

Your wording in your original post alluded that you have used the MM more than what is rx'd at times. Here in the states, if a patient is rx'd pain medications, we have to adhere to the instructions given by the dr as to how much can be taken a day. We have very strict guidelines to follow, otherwise we lose our dr & our medications. I am guessing you do not live in the states.

The suggestions given by the above members, are just that, suggestions & nothing more. We are not drs so we cannot fix anyone. We speak from personal experiences.

Take care.
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