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Posted By : raspberryswirlgirl - 7/26/2017 9:35 AM
Hello everyone!

I've been living with chronic pain for several years. I have a doctor who has been helping me with my pain in my lower right abdomen and pelvic floor. He is rx'ing Neurotin 300mg 4 times a day (and is slowly increasing my amount. I couldn't handle the 600mg, so we backed it down) and Lortab 10/325 4 times a day.
I could operate pretty well, out of bed, able to do chores, and be a semi decent wife and mom.

HOWEVER, recently (since December) I started having all sorts of odd symptoms and was, after many misdiagnoses, finally diagnosed with with Lyme Disease. I have been passing out with pain for the past 2 months, having seizures, and have severe joint pain all over especially knees and back (degenerative disc).

Does anyone know of a pain management doctor near Memphis, TN?

Thank you so much! Soft gentle hugs to you all!

Posted By : straydog - 7/26/2017 10:42 AM
Hello & welcome to the forum. Unfortunately, this forum is not near as active as it once was so you will not get much input. I would think your treating dr could refer you to a PM dr that is on your insurance plan. Perhaps go online to your insurance & see who is on your plan & make some calls to see if they are taking new patients & how you go about getting an appt.

Good luck.
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Posted By : mrphillips15 - 7/26/2017 1:04 PM
Check this site out. There are all kinds of doctors listed geographically. Hope it helps!
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Posted By : Mercy&Grace - 7/26/2017 9:26 PM
raspberryswirlgirl, call your insurance company and ask for Pain Management Doctors in your area. Or as Susie suggested go to your insurances website and look for Pain Management Doctors in your area.

Posted By : pitmom - 7/27/2017 6:58 AM
Hello and welcome.

There is a Lyme forum here at healingwell in addition to this chronic pain forum. Someone there might not only know of a pain management doctor in your area but also might be able to help you navigate this difficult illness.
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Posted By : raspberryswirlgirl - 7/27/2017 12:53 PM
Thank you so much everyone with your warm welcomes and kind replies! I'll check out the Lyme's board to see if I can get some help! Thanks again!❤

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