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Posted By : Anastasia 58 - 7/30/2017 5:38 PM
Hi new here I have polymyalgia rheumatica and peripheral neuropathy also type 2 diabetes I am in chronic pain really suffering at moment trying to taper predisnole not sure if I am in the right forum

Gave your post a heading.

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Posted By : tiredredhead - 7/30/2017 7:16 PM
Hi and welcome! You are absolutely in the right forum. I have some peripheral neuropathy myself and it sure isn't much fun to deal with. I don't take prednisone, so I won't be much help there. I'm sure someone will come along more knowledgeable than me!

Welcome again!

Posted By : straydog - 7/31/2017 8:05 AM
Hello & welcome to Healing Well. Yes, you have posted in the right forum. Many years ago we had a member that had been reading online about PR, she was trying to get her drs to test her for it without a lot of success. Are you on the steroid for PR? What type of treatment are you receiving for the PN?

I hope you will return & fill us in about yourself. Take care.
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Posted By : pitmom - 8/1/2017 6:10 AM
Hello and welcome! Personally, I use more than one forum here, it's one of the best things about this site! "One stop shopping." as it were. Feel free to do the same.

Chronic pain takes many different forms. While my diagnosis is different from yours, look at is though we are all on the same ship, just different decks.

Welcome aboard!
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