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Posted By : tiredredhead - 7/30/2017 7:24 PM
Soooo... I am the big dummy who managed to bump my leg against the hot pipes on the motorcycle. I have a burn in an almost perfect 2 inch radius circle on my leg. It's all nice and ugly and blistered.

My issue is the burn doesn't hurt. I can touch it and have no pain. But the pains shooting up and down my leg are nauseatingly painful. To the point that I would gladly take a shot of morphine knowing I would throw up all night.

Is this normal symptoms with nerve damage in that leg?


Posted By : pitmom - 7/31/2017 8:10 AM
Hi Sarah, and welcome to the forum.

I've not suffered a burn such as yours but anytime the signals can't be completed in the nerves, there will be problems.

There are medications for nerve pain now. Perhaps you should ask your doctor, after telling him/her what you are experiencing. Nerves take a while to heal, but they do, to a point.

Hoping you have a speedy, strong recovery. Keep posting and let us know how things are progressing.
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Posted By : straydog - 7/31/2017 8:14 AM
Sarah, I am not sure about the burning pain in the leg. My thoughts are possibly the little surface nerves are irritated by the burn. We have lots of surface type nerves all over. I do remember real well as a kid burning my leg on my brothers motorcycle. Only took me once to remember always wear jeans when riding, lol. Do you ride as a passenger or driver? The only one I ever rode was my dirt bike, lol. When I was younger we were into dirt bikes & rode a lot, I loved it. My son & I would ride on weekends even if his dad was working. My husband has always had street bikes.

If you can avoid it, try not to burst the blister. Here is a little old wives tale about blisters that i will pass along that works for me. My mother taught us to never pop a blister until after the sun goes down & it will not get sore afterwards, lol. True story, to this day I wait until the sun goes down, lol.

Take care.
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Posted By : tiredredhead - 7/31/2017 8:51 AM
I'm not popping this blister for anything. Lol. It's all good and protected under there. Just odd that the burn itself doesn't hurt.

I'm too short to drive the motorcycle lol. I don't ride much with hubby anymore, it's painful on the neck to wear a helmet. Our 7 year old wanted to ride, so we put her between is and hit the country roads here. Nowhere out here gets over 25 mph. I was teaching her how to safely get off by herself and I (yep wearing shorts) walked right into the pipe. Sheesh. I actually jumped back because it was so hot it felt freezing cold when it touched my leg.


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