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Posted By : valeriehewlett - 8/14/2017 12:10 PM
Hi all,

I'm a sufferer of chronic pain myself, and as a result I became a yoga instructor and am now doing market research to expand my offerings. I learned how to heal my injuries and decrease pain with Yoga and now I want to help others achieve the same! As a result, I am looking for input. Those chosen for my market research group will get a gift card from Starbucks. I'm looking for individuals who are in chronic pain, preferably from a surgical procedure, work injury or car accident. Preferably in the 30-40s age range, and are willing to try yoga to ease their pain.

All you would have to do is have a short "interview" with me so I could ask you a few questions, nothing personal about your injuries.

Nisha Hewlett

Hi Nisha, I have removed your contact information from your post. Please email the "" for permission to conduct your survey. He will give you instructions on how to post this. Thanks

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