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Posted By : Dragonslayer68​ - 8/22/2017 3:17 AM
Has anyone needed your Medtronics pain pump out. My reason is first our pain have now can no longer maintain has home health care which last one did not work out for us.
Second acts as thou could care less about my catheter broke or not? My other half has one that was pain doctor never looked to see in taken over care if it was ok.
Let it go past it's removal time so a different doctor took it out and was pissed to find catheter broke besides just replacing pump. So he got new catheter and pump and walker out of it cause of catheter breaking.
Now I think mine is same doctor has no way to check or gives crap. So I want it out but backed down since it has diluadid, fentanyl, bupivacal, Baclofen and clonidine in it. With Dilaudid at 4.996 fentanyl and Baclofen in mcg the bupivacal is 12.489 mg
And he does want to reduce or remove.
Reason for taken it out
Kidneys are not functioning properly causing retention in feet legs that just started. Plus his office what ever he is told me to cut my water intake and stay off my feet as much as. Well Primary Care Doctor is pissed off cause that is what induced my water retention in legs and feet.
But my other doc not if it's his meds causing cause kidney test in not conclusive to what going on. Plus fentanyl bupivacal both can cause all kinds of issues if left to long on.
Now last reason living in a city that has no resources to help us we face lossing our housing in beginning of new year.
And I Don't want this dam thing in or on if happens. Medtronics said can just turn it off after reducing meds to safe level.
Am just a mess right over everything plus other have has health issues on top and compounding he afraid doctor just turn my pump off before reducing me since am causing problems for him by him having to reduce mine. FDA problems we think over script writing not sure. Just tired of the lies and no help with getting it out but have no problems yelling at to rip it out if have to.

Just wanted know anyone else have there's reduced then turned off? Cause afraid that's what going to be done to me.

Posted By : straydog - 8/22/2017 7:14 AM
Before having a pump removed a patient should be weaned down off of the medications used in the pump. The dr has a responsibility of weaning you off of the medications. You cannot just stop having it filled because the withdrawals from the opioids would land you in the hospital. Even with a pump we are not ever pain free, there is no such thing of being pain free as a chronic pain patient. My thinking is you were on the higher end of oral pain meds prior to the pump being put in. You will not be given those doses again once the pump is no longer activated.

I suggest that when you are due for your refill you sit down calmly & explain why you want the pump removed. At that appt he can start reducing the dose in your pump. Word of caution, it takes months to wean off of a pump. The medications used in pumps is much more stronger than any oral narcotic you have ever taken. I am not sure who told you about the long term use of the two medications not being good. Also, oral meds pass through the liver, pumps meds do not. By no means am I trying to talk you out of having the pump either turned off or taken out, you need to be aware of the grave changes for chronic pain patients.

If your kidney function tests show nothing going on with the kidneys, I would not use that as a key element of wanting the pump out. If you sit with your feet down a lot during the day this will cause swelling. Your pcp can order a doppler of your legs to check your circulation. If the swelling is bad enough your pcp can give you a mild diuretic for the swelling to be used as needed. Compression hose are another option.

Do you have a plan in place for pain mgt once you have weaned off the pump? I will caution you that you will not like the environment of treatment of chronic pain & oral opioids. The government is calling all of the shots & the drs are going by their guidelines. Chronic pain patients have had their oral medications stopped all together or the dosage greatly reduced. This has hit across the country & has been going on for several years. Since you are on Medicare, go into their website & read there about oral narcotics.

Also, you can call Medtronics on their 800 number & tell them you are wanting to be weaned off the pump & it taken out. They may be able to give you a list of PM drs in your area that can help with this. I do not know what all it would involve changing PM drs but feel a referral would be needed.

Take care.
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Posted By : onyxmom - 9/3/2017 2:11 AM
I am also having my Medtronic pump removed. weaning off dilaudid and baclofen. I also have a pissed off Dr which I won't go into except I am given nothing to help withdrawal not even clonidine patch and it's horrible. 6 weeks in down 70% I have to guess as I usually don't get print outs, even though I always ask. I live alone all help has given up on me - getting a fusion at a different hospital is why pump comes out but originally started out to get deep brain stimulator for essential tremors. since dilaudid I have to get botox in my vocal cords. as I have spasms. yes dilaudid can cause this side effect. I want to give up it's such a mess and I am feeling miserable and depression is of course aggravated. any support would help me thank you. I thought I could get help with inpatient detox or meds due to depression. didn't happen. thank you

Posted By : straydog - 9/3/2017 2:53 PM
Hi OM & welcome to the forum. Sorry to read about what you are dealing with. A 70% decrease in 6 weeks is far too fast. We have had a few do inpatient detox & it is not pleasant either. So at least you didn't miss anything by going that route.

If I understand right you will be having surgery? Do you have a plan in place for help with pain after you are done with the pump? You will find that treatment of chronic pain has changed a great deal.

I hope you will get some help with your depression you have a lot going on. Keep us posted on how you are doing. Take care.
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Posted By : Dragonslayer68​ - 9/5/2017 10:49 AM
Reason for my pump to be reduced is Dr don't believe my catheter is broken, in private practice so has no Hospital privalages to check. And after my other half had a broke catheter also another doctor replace everything but he now on a walker.
Other reasons we loosing housing and I don't want it with this happens. Chicago has no help for homeless and Mayor just closed all the city homeless shelters on lack money.
So if in my place what you do? Close family in another state . Yes it sucks being both on SSDI in a city where no rent cap or fact mayor cares not for the low income folks

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