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Posted By : ChickenArise - 8/24/2017 6:53 PM
I have been using Life Extension brand 500mg Magnesium Capsules.

Today is 2 weeks after i started. i woke up with no back pain today and have had little inflammation today. I have and continue to reduce Kratom intake.

It may be easier to do this with a capsule that has only 100 or 200mg.

I did this in reverse with 1000mg dosing every 8 hours which will intentionally cause the Mag runs and exploding azz syndrome (be near a toilet) but after 3 days you can cut the dose to 500mg every 5-6 hours and be tolerant. This is now my daily dosing schedule and it differs from the one mentioned below.

I take 2400mg of Flax Seed Oil with each dose. I realize the daily dose of Omega 3 is high so I sub one of those with Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil 2000mg.

I cant believe the progress in just 2 weeks. I imagine I will have to take this for the rest of my life but at $12 per bottle of 100 high dose capsules, it is the cheapest therapy I have come across.

I am amazed at how much of the back pain was back muscle inflammation.

I have removed the link you had in your post. Please review the forum rules here at Healing Well, particularly #4. Thanks
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Posted By : ChickenArise - 8/26/2017 2:44 PM
Will do. My apologies.

Instead here is instructions on how to build tolerance without the sponsor of the article at the top of the page. This should be in accordance with the rules and I hope it helps someone as much as it did me. Decades of back inflammation halted in a few weeks.

Taking Magnesium to Bowel Tolerance

"The RDI (recommended daily intake) of magnesium is 400 milligrams (mgs) however this is not what I feel is the optimal level or the level required to build up magnesium stores in your body especially if you have been deficient for any period of time. A better estimate for daily magnesium dosage is 650 mg for woman and 850 mg for men. If you want to fine tune that even further, you can take 5 times you body weight in milligrams (mg) of magnesium. (e.g. a 200 pound person would take 1000 mgs of magnesium daily).

In order to take the optimal/higher levels of magnesium above, it is often necessary to build up to a high therapeutic level. Magnesium at increased levels has a strong tendency to cause a “loose stool” or even diarrhea. I am sure this is a side effect that most of us would like to avoid!

Magnesium should be divided over at least 2 separate daily dosages. You will want to start with a low level of magnesium and build that level up slowly. You will be paying attention to when you start to get a loose stool and remain at that level for awhile. This is known as taking magnesium to bowel tolerance. (I will abbreviate that below as BT) In the beginning, you most likely will be working to increase this level to reach an optimal level. In the future however, after your magnesium stores have been replenished, you may be able to decrease your dosage.
A suggested protocol to increase your magnesium intake utilizing bowel tolerance would be as follows:
•100 mg. of magnesium /2 times a day for 4-7days
•If tolerated at that level (BT): •Increase to 200 mg. of magnesium / 2 times a day for 4-7 days

•If tolerated at that level (BT): •Increase to 300 mg. of magnesium/2 times a day for 4-7 days

•If tolerated at that level (BT): •Increase to 400 mg./2 times a day for 4-7 days

•If tolerated at that level (BT): •Increase to 500 mg. of magnesium/2 times a day

•If tolerated at that level (BT): •Increase to 600 mg. /2 times a day

Once you reach a dosage beyond bowel tolerance (loose stool or diarrhea) reduce your daily dose by 100 to 200 mg. per/day.

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Posted By : theHTreturns... - 8/27/2017 2:59 AM
pls be aware.........any heart conditions, as too much mag is bad for the ticker. always consult your doctor.

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