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Posted By : Mercy&Grace - 8/25/2017 6:08 PM
Susie, I wanted you and others here that may be in the path of Harvey to know you're in my Prayers. Stay Safe & Dry.

Posted By : straydog - 8/26/2017 8:57 AM
M&G thanks so much for thinking of us. Fortunately I am north of the coast and we are getting rain only. The one member I am concerned about is Chartruex she is down By Houston.

We will all keep the prayers going for those folks.
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Posted By : Lanie G - 8/26/2017 11:41 AM
Glad it's only rain, Susie! I hope everyone's safe down there.

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Posted By : Mercy&Grace - 8/26/2017 1:46 PM
Susie, glad you're safe. I knew we had members that lived in Houston. Hopefully Chartruex will check in soon.

I live in Louisiana. But not on the coast. So far rain is all we will receive from Harvey.

Posted By : theHTreturns... - 8/27/2017 3:02 AM
not an american turtle, however i send safe thoughts to those bunkering down.

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