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Posted By : Jazzdame - 8/27/2017 8:24 PM
Been seeing same Dr. For 25 years, he has always done best by me. My sister sent him letter saying she believed I am an addict and threatening him to investigate. Then my rotten lying daughter said she thought I was to. The day I went for my meds. He sprang a pee test on me, and a pill o count. ( 1sr time ever). And I was short 13 pills. I know someone had to have stole from me. Now I am being forced to a pain clinic and I am scared. I have proof of all pains I have am still have lots of pain still. I am so angry and Doctor is now afraid to treat my pain. I am in too much pain to excercise and even sit too long. How do I make sure my meds. Are not taken away? I see my Dr. In two days for meds., which he already lowered and the pain clinic in 3 days, will they still take care of me? Can my doctor take over again if I don't like it. I don't have money to run around, and my ref. Doctor gave me money to go this time. I am nervous, I am too much pain to play games. Oh and because my family lied and said I did something I am being forced to see a psychiatrist too, how do I fight back?

Posted By : straydog - 8/28/2017 7:13 AM
Hello & welcome to the forum. You are in a tough spot. Did your surprise UA come back clean? I am surprised this was the first one that the dr did on you. Pill counts, signing a Contract & UA's are part of the treatment of chronic pain & this includes a GP. From what you have said happened your GP is not going to risk his medical license for any patient no matter how long he has treated them. He will probably continue to treat you but not for chronic pain. Unfortunately, with family getting involved, pill count short those are considered red flags to a dr for either abuse of medication or diversion.

Most of us see pain mgt drs for treatment. I have been under this care for almost 30 years. Pain mgt drs more often than not can treat chronic pain better than a GP. Treating pain is their specialty after all. What condition do you have that led to chronic pain?

I suggest that you be compliant with what the dr has recommended, if you don't you will be considered non compliant & you don't need that on record. All of this goes on your records & follows you around. I think you can forget about the GP ever treating you for chronic pain again whether you like this PM dr or not. If it doesn't work out with the PM dr the GP can refer you to another one.

In the meantime I suggest that you invest in a small lock box or small safe. Hide it very well from anyone. As the patient you are responsible for your medications. It's sad to have to do this but this is how its done. I would be thinking about who has been in my home & had access to my meds.

You can write a letter to your dr & dispute what has happened as far as the family is concerned & ask that it be included in your records. Perhaps when you see your dr you can talk to him again but it may not help you with this mess.

Be sure that when you see the PM dr that your current scans have been provided for him/her to review at the appt.. I will be honest with the government involved, treatment of chronic pain is difficult at best & we all have to be model patients.

Take care.
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Posted By : Jazzdame - 8/28/2017 8:44 AM
I have been in motor cycle accidents, car accidents. I have heart problems, kidney problems, a halo in my head, under developed left brain, pain every where. I was once on morphine patch, but daughter complained. I take 28 pills a day, only 8 are for pain. I also legally use marijuana and still have horribl pain at times. Everyone makes up stories about me, my home and yard is a mess because my family doesn't give a darn. My hands curl, so much arthritis. I have nothing. I am 64 and live alone, no one will let me live with them, yet I raised them and took care of them. They say I allowed them to be repeatedly raped as children, well no one told me. Once they did, but my daughters were liars..they even said my husband, my very wonderful husband raped them as children. They know how I suffer. But they are grown adults with their own stuff going on. My husband is dead and now my Dr. Is abandoning me. They told Dr. I called 911 ,13 times to get my way but it's a lie, at least I have no memory of it. One of my girls let her boyfriend kill her son, I tried to warn her. I made sur she went to jail for a long time, she lied about my husband she's always been no good.

Posted By : straydog - 8/28/2017 9:08 AM
Jazzdame, you have a lot of different health issues going on. Are any of the pain medications you are on long acting? If not, this is where a PM dr can be great. For someone that is a long term chronic pain patient, a long acting pain medication truly helps. With the instant release pain medications you have to watch the clock until you can take the next pill & are constantly chasing the pain.

I don't know if you have kept up with all of the changes in the past several years with treatment of chronic pain, drs rxing pain medications & such, there has been huge changes. Give the PM dr a chance, he may be able to help you more than you realize right now. Please update us on how your appts go with the drs.

Take care.
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Posted By : pitmom - 8/28/2017 4:54 PM
Hi Jazzdame, welcome to the forum.

I had to buy a safe that locks with either a key or a digital code. Sad to say, one of my family members was causing me to go through my prescription 'too fast'. This has worked out really well for me. It was only about $30 at Walmart. I suggest you get one, too.
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Posted By : ChronicPain1970 - 9/12/2017 6:52 AM
I was in pain management (PM) from 2011 to 2013 and now I'm back in PM. Frankly, I'm very surprised your PCP took on the responsibility of prescribing you pain medication long term. With the "opioid epidemic", it is a rarity that any PCP will undertake that. Heck, pain management doctors are even "afraid" to prescribe.

Even back in 2011, I had regular urine drug screens & pill counts. Also, in my experience, every pain management doctor will first send you for a psychological evaluation. A doctor needs to know if you're suicidal before he prescribes you potent, potentially lethal medications. Also, a person can have psychogenic pain which results from mental, emotional & behavioral factors.

Unless you want to be labeled in your medical records as "non-compliant" or a "drug seeker", you MUST comply with all of your doctor's orders. Take your medications as prescribed. I know you know the proverbial drill.

As for medications missing or stolen, that makes PM or any doctor very, very suspicious. I know of PM doctors who won't write another prescription even if you file & provide a copy of a police report. Unfortunately, my pills were stolen is the oldest excuse/lie in the books for someone who is either taking more than prescribed or selling them. Certainly, I am NOT saying you did or do this but lots of people do and they ruin it for true chronic pain patients.

I always keep my pain medications with me, in sight, if I'm out in public. I use a pillbox so I only go out in public with what I need to reduce the risk of total theft. Otherwise, at home, my pain medication is under lock and key. At all times, I know where my pain medications are.

Just be compliant and you should not have any problems.

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