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Posted By : KELLEY JENNINGS - 9/1/2017 8:21 PM
Just tried to refill my Nucynta at Walgreens. They told me they had stopped making Nucynta till October. Does anyone know anything about this?

Posted By : skeye - 9/2/2017 11:49 AM
Hi Kelley,

I have been on Nucynta 100 mg IR for the last 3 mo, and I have not had any problems obtaining it, nor have I heard anything about it not being produced. However, I am only on the instant release formulation, as my doctor has me on a different extended release med, since I could not take both the Nucynta IR and ER without going way over the safe daily allotment due to the SNRI component of the drug (I believe you cannot take more than 500 mg of ER or 600 mg of IR Nucynta per day, and I am already taking 600 mg of the IR). So I'm guessing that this problem you are having is either related to the ER formulation only, or your pharmacy specifically (perhaps they are only able to order so much of the medication within a certain time period & they have already met their allotment?). If I were you, I'd call around to other pharmacies and see if they all have this issue, or if it is only your Walgreens. If everyone is having he same problem, then you might want to talk to your doc about switching meds. If not, then you may want to look into switching pharmacies...


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