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Posted By : tiredredhead - 9/16/2017 7:18 PM
Anyone out there have any good tips on driving with a painful neck with limited mobility? Merging is a nightmare. I found a few areas in my town that I can cut through parking lots to find a light to turn at versus merging. Changing lanes on the interstate is a nightmare.

My MRI results look like this:
C3-4 central disc potrusion
C4-5 disc bulge asymmetric to the left. There is effacement of the of the ventral aspect of the cervical cord. There is moderate central canal stenosis.
C5-6 disc oseophytic complex with central left paracentral disc protrusion. This disc protrusion abuts the ventral aspect of the cervical cord. There is moderate central canal stenosis and moderate left neuroforaminal stenosis.
C6-7 right paracentral/foraminal disc osteophytic protusion. There is moderate right neuroforaminal stenosis.

I have some symptoms of myelopathy going on with all this.
I just can't find any comfortable way to be in the car. If I tense up at all (and that happens a lot with the drivers in this town) my TM joint gets triggered and all heck breaks loose in my face. Can't crank the neck around to check everywhere without shooting burning stabbing. My head starts pounding from neck tension.

I am in my car a lot. I have a large family and we stay on the go. Anyone found a way to make it easier?


Posted By : DianeB - 9/16/2017 10:39 PM
Have similar injuries/issues.. Driving is literally a pain in the neck..

Am retired & don't drive a lot.

I back into parking spaces whenever possible, using camera that current vehicle has.. Still getting use to that. For me it is easier than turning head/craning neck, looking at the traffic in parking lots, when backing out. Other vehicles see me, have to wait on me: not everyone likes doing that but it is less painful & is safer.

(Had Considered buying a camera for my previous vehicle when it finally 'gave up' & was not worth fixing. )

Good luck..
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Posted By : White Beard - 9/17/2017 10:50 AM
Hi Sarah I have limited mobility in my neck from my multiple cervical fusions, I have found that adding mirrors to my car has helped allot, they make a little round convex like mirror that you can stick right on to your outside side mirrors, I find that a really helps allot in situations when you need to look back and to your sides! Backing up is a real difficult task for me,( probably the hardest thing to do with my decreased mobility in my neck) I found adding a bigger wide angle rear view mirror has helped a little. I have been contemplating getting a rear view camera system to see behind the car??? I'm thinking that would help the most??? Anyway I don't think there is any really easy and cheap solutions to this problem? And of course everyone situation is a little different so what might work for me might not work as well for you? I guess the best thing I can suggest is just to experiment and try different things to see if they help.

Good Luck to you!

White Beard
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Posted By : Abilene - 9/18/2017 7:54 PM
We got a new car that has the back up camera. It's wonderful!! We would have gotten one sooner if I had known how helpful that was. I think that would be worth adding to your car. White Beard's added mirrors are also very helpful tools.

Be careful, avoid high traffic areas and times, let others drive for you....whatever works for you. Best wishes as you navigate around town.
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