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Posted By : sarahsparks - 9/18/2017 10:23 AM
I suffer from chronic sinus pain... since I'm 10 years old (now 40). Iv'e had balloon sinuplasty surgery last summer where 5 of my 8 sinus passages were opened ( dr said due to deviated septum one on rt side could not be opened & the other 2 passages behind eyes are not opened with this surgery). Unfortunately it brought NO relief. I use to use a neti pot daily & for the past 2 years have been using an electronic machine-sinu- pluss which does even a better job of removing all the mucous & "junk" inside your nose. I haven't eaten wheat in 15 years and rarely drink alcohol as it is a trigger.

I'm currently in SEVERE pain; a pain I experience often; constant pressure in my eye sockets only; specifically a hair away from corner of my eye on bridge of nose side; almost in middle of upper eyelid. It's so intense it makes me nauseous & there have been times where it causes me to vomit slightly. The pain worsens if I bend forward (ex: if I tied my shoe lace) and ADVIL cold & sinus has not been working. Today is the 3rd day of this pain. it is now only in my left eye; I have no blurry vision just a constant pressure...and the pain also reached the back of my skull. All I can do while at work now is steam my eye; I literally hold up a cup of chamomile tea to my eye. The steam soothes momentarily it but as soon as I put the cup down the pain tears me apart. I'm feeling dizzy too. My nose is always a 'leaky faucet" with clear mucous but since this pain started it hasn't been unusually stuffed, in fact when using my sinus machine nothing came out of my it usually doesn't yet I still experience this horrible pain.

I've read one can have cysts in their eye sockets that cause this pain; I haven't had a CT or MRI to confirm this particularly because even if I had cysts my reading indicated only brain surgery can remove it & there's no way I will have that.
CAN ANYONE OFFER SUGGESTIONS? Plz do not tell me to take a decongestant or nasal spray. The pain is worsening as I write.
Thank you

Posted By : (Seashell) - 9/19/2017 5:36 PM
I notice that your original post has not received a reply. It is not that no one cares but rather likely owing to the fact that sinus and facial pain is a minority of pain types experienced by members who regularly post on this forum.

I do not have sinus or facial pain but I do have intractable pain of my hips and due to avascular necrosis from long-term corticosteroid use. The pain has been so totally encompassing that I have been in very dark places emotionally. I hear you and I hear how your pain is affecting you.

I wonder if you have damage to either the facial nerve or trigeminal nerve - or both. The facial nerve and trigeminal nerve are both cranial nerves. Facial and trigeminal nerve pain is known to be excruciating.

Anesiologists and/or interventional radiologist can provide a dampening of cranial nerve pain through injection of an anesthetic agent - known as a nerve block. The relief can be significant. The procedure is not a permanent cure, however, and needs to be repeated every 3-4 months.

Another option to try would be a course of corticosteroids. The corticosteroids would reduce inflammation and interstitial fluid retention that may be irritating branches of the facial and trigeminal nerves.

Corticosteroids are not without their own risks. But where pain is intractable and of high intensity, the benefits of pain reduction can out weigh risks and side effects. Decadron (also known as dexamethasone) would be the corticosteroid of choice in the case of sinus or intra-cranial pressure and inflammation.

I have been in corticosteroids for close to 25 years. I had no other option availing. Sometimes the decisions we face have no simple answer.

But remember with a decision to try Decadron, you can change your mind at any time and taper off of the steroid. Agreeing to take a corticosteroid need not be a binding decision.

Most commenters on this forum would also suggest talking with your medical provider about prescription Lyrica, Neurotin, or gabapentin. These medications are in a shared class of medications that act to lower the threshold of sensory nerve pain. The action of these medications is similar to turning down the volume of a radio or TV.

Facial and sinus pain can be pain of high intensity. I can appreciate your longing to find relief. A nerve block of the facial and/or trigeminal nerves would be an avenue that I would explore is I were in your similar situation.
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Posted By : upbeat - 9/21/2017 4:46 PM
Hi Sarah,
I don't post here very frequently, but saw your post and wanted to respond. My son went through two years of headaches, pain over one eye, and sinus infections. The pain would get so bad it would resemble a migraine, with nausea and vomiting.
He had one surgery with a pediatric ENT that didn't help, saw two more pediatric ENT's, a neurologist, infectious disease doctor and none of them believed the pain was coming from his sinuses. We finally ended up seeing the chief of sinus surgery at a large teaching hospital. He saw one ethmoid cell very far back that he thought might be causing the pain, and he was willing to try. The cell was closed off and full of infection - the pain from this was referred over his eye, even though the frontal sinuses were clear.
The surgery got rid of his headaches and facial pain. He still has sinus disease where his sinuses don't flush properly, so he still gets the occasional sinus infection.
If you have a teaching hospital near you, try a doctor there and have another CT. There is someone out there that can figure out your pain - keep searching!
I hope you can figure this out and get some relief from your pain.
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Posted By : ChronicPain1970 - 9/22/2017 4:39 AM
In the past, I had very similar (if not the same) pain & sinus issues. For years, I would get tremendous, ugly sinus/facial pain. Nothing really helped. I did take decongestants, tried nasal sprays, Netti Pot, etc... The only really helpful thing, albeit small, was a heating pad to my affected right side. I had sinus infections one after the other, along with dreaded antibiotics which only led to a C-Diff infection of major proportions. My family doctor finally sent me to an ENT and he discovered my Right Septum had simply spontaneously deviated and was almost completely occluded.

Luckily, a septoplasty back in 2008 pretty much fixed all of my problems. I know you don't find relief with any decongestants but when I do have a relatively minor flare up, I take a decongestant that contains Pseudoephedrine, use a heating pad & Netti Pot.

I hope someone can offer you good, solid advice because nobody knows or believes how much pain results from these sinus issues unless of course, you've personally experienced severe sinus pain.

P.S., If your severe pain after this many days continues, please see a doctor. I'm worried about infection, the effect of severe pain on her blood pressure, heart rate, etc... As we all know, the sinuses are so, so close to your brain. My ENT had told me that I'd had so many sinus infections that my bone had actually been eaten away/eroded and I now have a patch of some sort in my head.

I am so sorry you have to suffer through's ugly stuff.

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