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Posted By : wolftrades - 8/2/2007 12:36 AM

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Lately, my pain levels have moved to the next level. The patch never did do much and the 30 mg Roxi's seem to give me about 2 hours of a little relief, followed by 2 hours of severe pain. My legs are now very weak and it is let up.

The last OS I saw suggested I get a bone scan although by the end of the appointment, he never officially wrote me a script for one.

Besides pain, I am always cold.

I am not one of these "Cancer nuts", but my sister did have breast cancer and my Dad recently died from prostate cancer, so I can't rule it out.

I was supposed to have new MRI's last Monday, but there has been a hang up on which doctor (not witch doctor) was to write the referrel. Grrrrrr.

OH yes, also, last OS appointment revealed loss of reflex on left leg.


Yours in Pain,
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Posted By : TexasJen - 8/2/2007 9:18 AM
At the very least, call the doc that suggested the bone scan. He could very well have simply forgotten to tell the staff to make the arrangements. Docs are still human beings and can forget things. Sorry you're having such an awful time. :-(

Living in the Republic of Texas minus a gallbladder, a couple of cervical discs, appendix, uterus, and 18" of colon; but living with my wonderful husband, 2 dogs, 1 cockatiel, and 2 gold fish. 

Posted By : kman78 - 8/2/2007 4:07 PM
HI alan,
How old are you? Have you had a rectal exam and psa checked to see if it could be your prostate?


Posted By : rehabnurse - 8/2/2007 6:48 PM

forgive me for not reading anything other than this post, but being cold etc can mean hypothyroidism.

have you had labs or anything done with blood work lately??

A TSH should be checked for this, among other things. Now, I could be missing your history and not know that you already have this issue. So if I am being redundant here, forgive me.

Posted By : rehabnurse - 8/2/2007 6:59 PM

i forgot something.

a diminshed reflex is not always a big deal, unless you have documented nerve damage in one or both legs, or perhaps a severe herniation in your back. sometimes they don't do the test accurately to produce the reflex.

being upset about cancer is not to be diminished. i am only 30. but i have been undergoing chemo for 8 months now for uterine/endometrial cancer.

if the OS didn't write you a script for the bone scan, but mentioned it, he may have written it in the progress notes of your chart. i can't begin to tell you the docs who write stuff like "ordered xray" or ordered whatever, and they didn't. give the office a call and say that you didn't get a script for the bone scan. they can get one for you.

hope this helps.
i hope you feel better.

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