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Posted By : Figurinitout - 8/9/2007 6:12 PM
Heres the story, last month i started 3 10mg Oxycontin x2 a day for back and shoulder pain. The meds work well and have gotten me through summer school with a 3.0 GPA. The problem is my new Doc went of vacation and told me that he would be back by the beginning of August, and i would have a follow-up before my meds ran up, and he would contact me by the beginning of august at the very latest. Well here it is the 9th, and my script is up the 11th. The secretary was no help, they do not know when he will be back to take appoinments, "he should be back next week, sometime, we arent sure." Then i asked to talk to the other doc who refered me and i was told that no one would fill any sort of script. Well in my untrusting nature i had a feeling this was going to happen, so i saved some pills when i could. I have 30 10mg pills left. Can anyone give me advice on how i should divide these up so i dont w/d hard. I am senesitive to the w/d symptoms, but since i've only been on for a month im assuming that the worst will be over in three days. Im glad i dont have to do this cold turkey. Any advice is appreciated, i know many of you dont have a Medical degree, however i trust the opinions of the people who use this medication rather than those who perscribe it....

Posted By : rehabnurse - 8/9/2007 9:47 PM
i am not a doctor, but I am a RN with almost 15 years of experience. So take my suggestions as just that, my suggestions.

The FIRST thing I would do is ask why your doctor is making YOU go through withdrawal. They do keep track of this, and I am sure that you are not the only patient being screwed over by this so called professional. If he is not, or his partner is not able to provide a script for you to get a refill, then you should report this doctor to the board for patient abandonment. This does not sound like a well-run office. My pain doctor has a PA in office who can see patients if need be if the main doc is out. But this physician not doing what he promised, getting you adequate medication, and leaving town without a backup plan for his patients is a joke.

I see that you have 30 pills left (10mg?). I am so tired right now, so please forgive me but I don't know if I understand how much you have been taking. It sounds like you are taking 30 mg q 8 hours? Is that right? 90mg per day??? How many days will you need to scrimp for??? (I am so angry at your doc's office right now). If you can reply back and tell me the answers to those questions, I can help you figure something out. I would seriously consider calling the doctor again, since it sounds like you'll run out before monday. If that other doc won't see you, and you're due for medicine (and no one knows when "doc" will be back? what a crock!!!!), tell them you'll be calling the board of medicine right after you hang up with them. I bet they'll see you immediately. The way they are running their practice is horrible. I would never put up with that treatment. That doctor of yours can be charged with a whole lot of things for doing what he's doing to you.

Anyway, please tell me if I am right about your dose, and tell me how many days you will most likely need to taper. Oxycontin tends to be one of the more difficult drugs to taper, in my professional and personal experience. Not trying to scare you here, just being upfront. Have you ever taken any other kind of medication besides Oxycontin??? Please consider calling your doctor's office tomorrow and let them know they can't do this. You should NOT have to suffer in pain because this doctor is not in the office. The same thing applies if this doc had to go on medical leave, someone would have to step in and take over for his regular patients who need monthly scripts. I am just SO ANGRY!!!!

Anyway, I'll shut up now. I would be more than happy to help you out as best as I can. As a fellow pain sufferer, I empathize greatly with those in pain.

Posted By : Figurinitout - 8/9/2007 11:45 PM
Thank you so much for your consideration, i really appreciate it. I take 30 mgs twice daily so 60 mgs total (starting July 11th). 1st 1st doctor(not my specific doctor)at that office will see me as early as saturday, however he refuses to fill a script for oxycontin. He perscribed me Norco 10 325 the first time i saw him, and since thoses didnt work hardly at all, i asked for the oxy. Hence the reason for the referall to this new "pain doctor", they are all in the same building. I would go for a quick appointment (even though its an hour drive and hell on my back), and get the norco. I should get a refill of oxy soon afterward, so the norco would hold me over. However, the norco is hell on my stomach, i have a peptic ulcer. To get any releive from the norco i was taking between 6-8 on my active days, and much less on my inactive days. When i was on norco my stomach constantly was in stabbing pain, and i couldnt eat, because i got so sick. I also dry heaved blood on several occastions. So to me, to benefits from the norco do not exceed the costs to my body. Just to go back to that same office in a week or so, i just cannot justify it to myself.....
I'm so pissed off right now because i thought i finally found a decent office. I was treat like such garbage for the first six months from the local physicians. They made me feel like a drug addict when i would go in for pain, even though i followed all theri directions and refferals. I was so under medicated and i did not heal up at all for the first 6 months becuase of the pain. Now i feel like im getting screwed on this one. I know it's not easy to give heavy perscriptions to a 22 year old, that is a fairly new patient. But i have med records and MRI's to prove my case. Plus my pharamcy record is squeky clean. I dont have the time to put up with this, i'm on a schedule, and i have less 6mo to allievate this problem.
I made a pain journal to and he was impressed (thank you for the advice). I told him all my problems, and all my goals for the future. In his defense he did cut me some slack w. the oxy considering i was a new patient. However, when i make an agreement to have a follow up (i was supposed to be contact, instead i had to call them), i expect our arrangement to be met..... that is why your a doctor and make a disgusting amount of money every year..... grrrr........................ I specifically went over this situation with him to make sure that he would be aviable for a follow-up before my meds were up. I told him specifically not to perscribe them to me unless he knew that i would be able to get a follow up before they ran out..... AHHHHHHHHHHHHH....... i could have been healed be now if i could have just found a good doctor in the beginning.

Im thinking that i could make 20 last around 6 days..... then not take any and see how bad the w/d is. if it is still really bad i will have 10 left over to stop w/d until i can at least go see A doctor.

I kind of wanted to taper myself off for a couple of days to see how my injury is progressing w/o medication... but not like this....

I just lost a 5 thousand dollar grant for school that im trying to get back.I graduate in 6 mo. I'm looking for town houses. I'm trying to find a job. I'm going to school full time. I still have a final from spring semester that i couldnt take because of the amount of writing involved, and i still wont be able to complete.... Both of my insurances are dening claims because of errors in paperwork.... FROM 6 MONTHS AGO.... talk about a backlog i have to sort through..... i really am too tired to handle all this....


someone wanna wake me up when im retired......? a coma sounds pretty good right about now...... I'm kidding, but im just soo stressed


Also... i know you are not supposed to cut oxycontin in half because it screws up the time release. However, i think my body can handle 5 mg of oxycondone. Basically what im thinking is if i cut them in half creating 60. I planning to stop w/d not necissarly control my pain, i just dont have enough meds to do that. Basically if the halfs control the w/d it also makes the w/d period shorter to becuase it my body will digest them faster..... just a thought..

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Posted By : rehabnurse - 8/10/2007 3:18 PM
Okay, the first thing I am going to tell you is only for your safety: PLEASE DON'T CUT THOSE IN HALF!!! Despite it ruining the time release (and they won't work for the 12 hours, it will rush into your system and then back out, causing harder w/d), you could overdose. PLEASE don't do this. Also, your doctor can release you from his care if he found out you did it. I don't want to sound judgemental here, cause I am not, I UNDERSTAND being young and being in pain. I've been in pain since I was 21, from a back injury lifting a patient. I didn't start opiate therapy until 5 years ago, and have been on chronic routine dosing for 3 years. I am only 30 now. So, I know. I know. And I am so sorry for you. My life has been ruined from this. No work, no money, legal problems due to no money, etc. It sucks.

Please email me and I will help you figure out a taper. I don't want to do it in a public forum.

Can I ask if you took a acid-reducer with your Norco? I know a lot of people have difficulty with those types of meds, that are combos with tylenol. I mean meds like: Prevacid, Nexium, Pepcid, etc. Those usually help tremendously with the ulcer, and also eating a small snack or milk with the medication helps, at least in my experience with working with pain patients. It is always a very individualized thing, finding that balance.

Usually, docs in the area form opinions about "other" pain docs, and thus "trust" some, and don't trust others. This is clearly the case in my area. My doc, for example, will only give scripts on the first visit from those docs he "trusts". People who were unfortunate enough to unknowingly go to another doc (usually because that's what their primary told them to do, or what their insurance will cover) before switching to the other doc get denied medication until pharmacy records, tests, medical records, and a background check and a visit to the in-office addictionologist are all clear. I feel for those people.

I am trying to further my education in effort to be able to specialize further in this area, and help those in the medical community understand chronic pain. Unfortunately, chronic pain is not given attention in medical schools, and even acute pain is given a quick look and then dropped, usually with a warning about prescribing opiates for all those "drug seekers". Then when these young docs go into the real world, in residency, they usually have a ill-informed attending over them teaching old habits and handing down old attitudes. Nursing is no better, and I would say at least 75% of the nurses at my last job had NO CLUE of the proper treatment for chronic pain. I am in no way saying ALL nurses/doctors have no knowledge, but it is a huge problem. A HUGE problem. Most nurses/docs have been "burned" by a "drug-seeker". I HATE that term, and let me say why: because if someone is in PAIN, they WILL SEEK MEDS (DRUGS) to EASE THE PAIN. I cringe when I hear that term.

Anyway, did you ever call the office about this doctor and what poor treatment he has given you??? If he can't adequately treat his patients, then he needs to be reported. As well as his office. He is mis-managing his whole practice, and I am sure you are not the only patient being screwed over.

In addition, I would LOVE to talk to another "younger" person who has suffered with pain. I have not been able to find many out there. Please click on the link in my profile and email me and I will try to help in whatever way I can. Take care.

Posted By : Figurinitout - 8/10/2007 3:51 PM
thank you for the advice, i didnt cut them in half until some said something either way. Now that i know that cutting them in half bears serious consquesces, i wont do it. I'm glad i asked.

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