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Posted By : Carenpolar - 8/19/2007 3:39 PM
 mY Jennifer had major back surgery and diagnosed with Degenerative disc disease. She had pain pills for awhile, but then the dr/ refused more. so she went to the emergency room all the time. Now she has been admitted to the hospital and a neurologist has been called  in and he says her arms. that hurt. all the time  have nerve pain. she is on new meds for that.they are giving  Diladed. she has 3 children, married and I am so worried for her as she walks with a walker... and cant function very well... I think  she may become a chronic pain patient. I have found myself driving around finding a pharmacy who would fill prescriptions. as they say it is too soon to fill them.. very anxiety ridden wondering what will happen in her future. thanks for listening....

Posted By : Chutz - 8/19/2007 9:28 PM
Hi Caren,

I'm sorry for the misery you and your daughter are going thru. I'm a bit confused so let me see if I get this right. Your daughter had surgery and needed pain med. After the doc felt she no longer needed pain med she went to ERs for pain med.

She is currently in the hospital for the nerve pain and treatment of diladed. And at this point you're afraid she may become a chronic pain patient.

OK, if I have this right I hate to tell you but she is a chronic pain patient unless she gets some corrective measure to ease her pain. Nerve pain is most often chronic but there are meds out there to help...and not just narcotic.

What really concerns me is one comment..."I have found myself driving around finding a pharmacy who would fill prescriptions. as they say it is too soon to fill them." That sounds like addiction. Why are you filling scripts before it's time? Why do you have scripts that can't be filled yet? Can you share a bit more here and maybe we can offer some suggestions and help.

What I can offer you right now is a loving shoulder to help hold you up. It's so hard to see our children suffer especially when they're so young and have their whole life ahead of them. Please don't take what I said above as criticism, it's concern and love that make me ask those questions. I too have adult children and grandchildren. It would break my heart to be in your situation.


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Posted By : Carenpolar - 8/20/2007 9:51 AM
my daughter is  on state health insurance. called ACCESS.. and the pain meds are only filled once per sometimes I have to  go to another pharmacy to fill a prescription and pay for it ACCESs only pays once per month. I feel so helpless sometimes wondering if she  will lay there suffering. while I find some relief for her........ 

Posted By : razzle51 - 8/20/2007 2:50 PM
if she is in the hospital now , why doesnt the hospital fill the script . They have a pharmacy. Or why doesnt the hospital call it in to a drug store. Something I am missing here. What was she dix with ?

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Posted By : Carenpolar - 8/21/2007 11:30 AM
  I am sorry if this is confusing... I was driving around before looking for her to have Pre. filled. now that she is in the hospital. they fill them....

Posted By : painKILLER - 8/22/2007 9:19 PM
Carenpolar, I think what we're trying to figure out is why you are having to fill a prescription early. Sometimes, pain doctors will issue patients monthly prescriptions a day or two early ( no more!) so that there is a time cushion in case the regular pharmacy does not have the medicine, or does not have enough, or if there is some other reason why the patient cannot fill the script on time. Is this why you are trying to fill the scripts early? Does your daughter need her prescriptions filled early because she is using the previous months supply too fast?

Posted By : curley - 8/22/2007 11:20 PM
I think that is what she is trying to say.I know I go to a pain clinic and I had to sing a form that I would only get my pain meds from them and that I use the same Pharmacy as well.I am given a month supply of my pain meds and if I run out early then I have to do with out untill time to see the pain doctor.I remember my pain doctor told me up front (the very first visit)that if I run out before time do not ask for more because I would not get more.So it sounds like she is running out before she is suppose to.I agree with the other's if you could us more info we can help you better.


Posted By : painKILLER - 8/22/2007 11:36 PM
Curley, yeah thats the same setup that I have with my pain doc. I am very very careful about when I request my refills. Fortunately, my doctor has a set up where we are told to call in for our refill's every fourth friday, which is 28 days. This gives us that time cushion to fill our scripts before we actually run out, which makes a lot of sense. A lot of docs give you your script exactly on the thirtieth day, which technically is when you would run out of your meds. I have my meds delivered to my via fedex. In this past month, when I opened that manufacturer's box, I found that one of the boxes containing my meds was short three days worth of medicine. Even though this was obviously an error that occurred at the manufacturer's factory, do you think I called my doctor and asked for a new prescription for three days worth of meds? Heck NO! In my pain clinic, if a patient ask for meds early for any reason at all, an incidence form is filled out. Two forms in a year is automatic cause for that patient to be dismissed from the practice. I would not want to lose the trust of my doctor. There is nothing that could happen to me that would ever cause me to call my doctor to prescribe my meds to me early, i mean nothing! Pain doctors are very vigilant for even the slightest red flag. Carenpolar, your daughter could end up without a pain doctor if she is asking for meds early. I think its in your daughter's best interest for you to try and determine whether or not your daughter is taking her med's like they have been prescribed to her. Even if her pain is not being relieved, she cannot, under any circumstances, self adjust her dosages. This is playing with fire. She could lose what little pain relief she already has, in addition to being labelled an addict.

Posted By : SarahP - 8/23/2007 7:04 AM
Sounds like more of an insurance issue than an overuse issue. I've dealt with state insurance and it's a pain, if the docs are writing her scripts and the insurance won't pay for them to be filled, then I can see driving around trying to find one. I've had docs write me a new script for something, when something else wasn't working.. never had a problem filling it, but I can see where there could be one.

If we had some more information, it would be easier to help.

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Posted By : Carenpolar - 8/23/2007 6:08 PM
 thank you for so many responses. yes state insurance. is a pain. One day last month I had to pay $140.00 for her pain meds.(Morphine). Jennifer is in the hosptial still( second week.), they are trying to adjust the pain meds. They are trying a new one. Her arms are aching all the time , so they did a nerve test. Maybe the issue is her old pain meds didnt work or wasnt a high enough dosage. This time in the hospital is the first time she has found pain relief. They put atube through her armpit that sends the pain meds through her heart to  bring immediate pain relief. Who knows what will happen when she comes home but for now they are working on finding  way to get her pain relief...
I am suffering for her I think... or with her... I know this situation is being worked on...

Posted By : painKILLER - 8/24/2007 10:57 PM
Carenpolar, Yeah, Insurance is the other issue. I have been kind of blessed and cursed in that area. My insurance carries no plan for prescription, so for me its the cheapest and oldest of the drugs, or I have to find prescription assistance via pharmaceutical companies. Fortunately, I found two drugs that I take (methadone) which is only about thirty dollars for a month supply, and Fentora, which I get free via the patient assistance program. The key for your daughter is getting her doctors to maintain her pain treatment outside of the hospital. I hope things get better for BOTH of you.

Posted By : straydog - 8/25/2007 7:35 PM
Carenpolar, if your daughter can get on the right medication and get her pain under better control, she will have a much better quality of life. She is too young to lay in a bed all day. I will keep her in my prayers and you too. Sometimes, I think its harder for the caregivers. Its terrible when a parent has to watch such suffering and you feel so useless because you cannot make the pain go away. Please keep us posted on how she is doing. Susie

Posted By : Carenpolar - 8/28/2007 5:48 PM
HI 3rd week. of Jennifers stay at the hospital, they did an MRI and she had her L-3 disc broken in her back. She is Degenerative Disc Disease. Since she had a back surgery in june, she has to wait for 4 months. to have this new disc repaired.. Now we know why she as such chronic pain. they are thinking of admitting her to a Care center. to care for her and manage her pain. we will see..

ps thanks for all of your response.s.... I do appreciate your input.


Posted By : straydog - 8/28/2007 7:19 PM
Caren, how awful, poor thing. At least they know now what is causing all of her pain. Lets hope they can get her feeling better. This center you spoke of may be a blessing in disguise for her. Hugs & prayers, Susie

Posted By : Carenpolar - 8/31/2007 3:16 PM
Update on jennifer,, she went to a Care Center, the center, gave her pain pills by mouth but the pain was too much and she went by  ambulance back to another hospital. and They are giving her IV pain the hospital now... the only thing that works I guess....

Posted By : straydog - 8/31/2007 10:45 PM
wow, she is really having a time of it. Please know that you and her are in our prayers. Hang in there we are here for you. Susie

Posted By : sissyrn - 8/31/2007 11:55 PM
I am new to this forum but it is important for your daughter to get on the right medicine at the right time.. I am a nurse and a chronic pain patient.. I no longer practice hands on nursing because of my many illnesses. I understand needing pain meds because of the chronic pain; however your daughter needs a GOOD pain management doctor such as a physical medicine and rehab MD. I have a great doctor that seems to understand my fibromyalgia as well as my other problems. Your daughter sounds like she is not trying to take too much medicine or has an addiction problem: she sounds like a chronic pain patient who is not being taken care of correctly. Once her doctor (whether in the hospital or out) meets her needs with the appropriate medications, you won't have to go from pharmacy to pharmacy early. She will be able to have better control of her pain.. I hope for BOTH of you some peace and respite from her pain


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Posted By : Carenpolar - 9/5/2007 5:48 PM
My daughter just came home from the hospital.. they gave her. LYrica to take for pain.

Posted By : straydog - 9/6/2007 7:21 PM
Please let us know how your daughter is doing. Is the Lyrica alone controlling her pain? Does she have a pain mgt dr overseeing her care now? Susie

Posted By : Carenpolar - 9/7/2007 8:37 AM
 Susie, thanks for your interest...... NO she is using pain patches.also( Fentnyl) and taking the Lyrica....

Posted By : straydog - 9/7/2007 4:41 PM
Caren thanks for responding. I sure hope the Fentanyl patches work for her. I did really well with them at first. I have a pain pump and Dilaudid is the main pain drug used in mine. It is a very old pain medication with few side effects. I do not tolerate meds well and have done great on it.

Is she feeling better now that she is home and using the meds you listed? Thanks for keeping us informed. Hugs, Susie

Posted By : sissyrn - 9/8/2007 10:19 PM
Dear Carenpolar,
I am so glad your daughter is home. Obviously they are listening to her about her pain if they gave her dilaudid and a fentanyl patch. Lyrica is for neuropathy and should help with her other pain meds. Please make sure she continues with her doctors so that her medications can be filled. Just a suggestion:
Ask her doctor for samples ( ex Lyrica ) whenever you can. Obviously the doctor won't have samples of the pain medication, but other meds she will.
Also ask her doctor about depression meds which can help in conjunction with her other meds. I find my cymbalta is a great addition.
I hope she finds peace with her new meds and you find peace with your daughter feeling well. Please email with questions. I am not a doctor or anything but I am a well versed long term pain patient. Take Care!



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