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Posted By : painKILLER - 8/24/2007 11:20 PM
Hi all..I could use a little advice myself this time.  All was going well with my current pain doc.  about 8 or 9 months ago, my pain doctor of five years went out of business.  Talk about screwy! You work so hard to find a good doctor that knows what they are doing, are at the top of their field, and are willing to use a multiple facet approach, and they leave the medical field.  This doctor referred me to my current doctor.  When I saw him for my first appointment, I had no problem transferring my treatment.  He even kept me on my same meds, same dose.  Well, everything was going well...until now.  Last month, I recieved my meds like I normally do via overnight delivery.  The meds almost literally come straight from the manufacturer.  However, when I opened one of the boxes containing my meds, I was shocked to find that it was missing the majority of the medication inside of it.  At first, my normal response was to contact my doctor, but I held back on that.  I contacted the manufacturer and they told me that the best that they could do was to send out a replacement voucher, but the voucher would require a replacement prescription.  When they said that, I was quite disheartened.  I knew that I could not tell my doctor about this at all.  At my pain office, any event at all that a patient reports where medicine has been lost/stolen/tampered with is looked upon by the doctors as shady.  Even though the shorted meds had nothing to do with me, I knew that if I said something about it, I would lose the trust of my docs, but, what could I do?  SO, I called my doctors office and left an abbreviated message summarizing the situation with the nurse.  Immediately after I hung up, I wished that I had not even called them.  I go in for my next appointment on Thursday.  Its not fair.  The nurse I talked to about my appointment made me feel like I had done something wrong just for telling them about the situation.  I'm really afraid that my doctor won't trust me anymore and will withdraw his treatment of me.  It's so frustrating because I have done everything that I can think of to prove that the boxes were short before they got to me.  I even asked the manufacturer to pull the shipping weights of the packages to compare the weights of my packages to what they should have been.  The manufacturer even offered to send me a check for the retail value of the missing medicine!  Because of this, I think that it might be a good idea to search out for a new doctor before I go in for my next appointment with my current doc.  I would appreciate any advice on this, or for local folks to nothern illinois, a good doctor reccomendation. Thanx all!

Posted By : painKILLER - 8/29/2007 2:56 PM
Gramps, thanks for that I appreciate knowing that their are other people in my area that feel like I do. Yeah, I originated in the Rockford area. The very first pain doc I saw treated me for a few months, but as soon as the neurosurgeon said that he could not see any problem in the MRI, I was summarily and without respect, let go from the practice. It took me several years, but finally I found a wonderful doctor in Chicago. This doctor was absolutely everything I hoped for. Unfortunately, she came to see what we all see. She says that she left the business for financial reasons, to actually become a financial planner. However, I think the real reason is that she was probably being harrassed by the DEA. I saw her for 5 years. Towards the end, I remember her asking me if there was any way that I could do with a smaller quantity of meds per day. I think that she probably asked me that because either herself or her colleagues were getting trouble from the government. But thats just my theory, no evidence of it really. Anyways, I asked for a referral before she went out of practice, and she sent me to the largest pain clinic in the Chicago area, if that is an indication to you to where I went. Now, on my first visit, it was astonishing because the pain doc had absolutely no problem with continuing me on my current regimen. That's fine and dandy, but everytime I go to that facility, all I feel is coldness from the nurses and doctors. Maybe because they are so busy they cannot really get to know their patients, or whatever. Still, I would like to believe that one would go into medicine, and especially pain medicine, because you want to ease other's suffering and because one has an inate affection for his fellow man. That's my take on it. And, between you and me, I am entering a program at U of I that will make me a nurse practitioner. You better believe that I intend to help chronic pain patients like us. I really really hope that I can bring some humanity back to medicine, particularly our brand of it. Thanks for caring enough to write back, Gramps.

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