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Posted By : stayingafloat - 8/28/2007 12:14 PM
I am wondering if any of you have come across any good books that deal with pain and depression.  I have been quite depressed and recently had surgery for the second time.  I feel slightly better, but the pain is still really bad and it gets to me too often.  To many times I don't want to do anything, but sit on an ice pack.  I am just hoping there is some kind of book or something that might give me new ideas on how to deal with it all.  I don't want the pain to control my life, I desperatly want to get past it, when it comes to doing things I want to do.  Thanks for listening I appreciate your input.

Posted By : Lakeside - 8/28/2007 8:22 PM
Hi Afloat!
Great to hear from you---been thinking of your! You were so uplifting & supportive of me when I had my SI injections &  subsequent treatments.  I know you had your second (I think) rhyzotomy last week & I was wondering how you're doing, as that's my next option now that I've found the SI & lumbar injections somewhat helpful.  But to hear that you're not doing so well makes me sad!
I just finished reading a great book; it's not a "pain mgmt" book per se, but an account of one man's acceptance of his chronic pain which followed a series of spinal surgeries for cancer. It's called " A Whole New Life" by Reynolds Price.  Your library probably has it & it's a very encouraging read.  Short synopsis:  he's DX'd w/ a huge cervical spinal tumor & goes thru 3 awful operations which leave him in horrendous chronic pain, paraplegia & depression.  How he gets thru all this is what the book's about.  He's a professor @ Duke University & a former Rhodes scholar, so it's excellent writing....not sentimental, yet very moving.  I found it very helpful.  I'm re-reading it now that my CP is getting worse & tomorrow I return to work (I'm a teacher) & I wonder how I'll do it....  I've been home on disability since last October, but now I'm gonna try FT teaching again (2nd grade...!) & after reading his book, and trying to apply his ideas & advice, I think I may be able to get thru the next 181 days....!
I do wish you were feeling better!  How long does it take for the rhyzotomy pain to subside?  My pain doc said to figure 2-3 weeks of major discomfort from the procedure & nerves, but then things would be better........?   Should I believe him?  You're an expert, it seems: what do you think?
Anyway, I'm keeping you in thought/prayer tonight.  Picture this:  a full moon, slightly tinged w/ orange & gold, just rose above the horizion, highlighting the last summer clouds of today (which was a lovely day)---the waves are calm & lap genlty at the shore (Lake Michigan), peacefully washing the day's debris from the beach....making everything "clean" again....may you have an equally restful night....  & I do hope, a better day tomorrow.  Maybe the book will help!
~ Lakeside

2 lumbar surgeries for L4-L5-S1 cystic tumor & post-surgical CSF leak complications. (Fall of '06). Central canal stenosis, severe degnerative arthrosis, grade 1 (21% shift) spondylolisthesis @ L5-S1 area, sensory & nerve function loss & radiculopathy in r leg/foot, on-going facet pain, sacral/illiac pain, lots of epidural fibrosis @ L5/S1.

Posted By : stayingafloat - 8/29/2007 3:50 PM

Hi Lakeside,


Thanks for the good info, the procedure I had was radiofrequency neurolysis in t4-t7 nerves (thorasic).  If you are having neurolysis, my pain Dr. says 6-8 weeks for recovery.  It has definately been more painfull than I remeber last time, but it was a year ago.  I'm doing o.k. getting out a bit more.  I just am in a lot of pain, the nerves dying is really not pleasant, but when they are dead you should feel a great deal of relief.  That is what I am waiting for, but it has only been a week and a half.  I am so bored, I want to go back to work, but I want to be dependable and I don't know how bad the pain is everyday can be different because the nerves are in different stages dying. Fun stuff hee hee....  The lake sounds absolutely beautiful, I am glad for you that you are in such a peacefull place.  My thoughts and prayers are with you as well.  Thanks for listening hope your class is great keep in touch:)


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