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Posted By : Belynda - 8/31/2007 7:14 AM
I'm going to a pain clinic today and I dread it.

I'm for the pain I have because my implant,it happens every time I get it replaced.
I have start over with pain clinic .
I seem to be one of few that has pain since my surgery July16th07
I would like to just go by for a few days with no pain.


(a) abort (b)fail (c)retry (d)Throw computer against wall

southern and proud of it.

Posted By : painKILLER - 8/31/2007 7:42 PM
Southern by the grace of God. Good luck with new pain clinic, Belynda

Posted By : AngMichelle - 9/1/2007 3:07 PM
is this the VNS?

DX-Migraines:PCOS(should have seen this list before!!)
Meds; imitrex inj, stadol ns PRN severe h/a
 ProzAC 40mg, Klonopin 1mg BID , Ambien 10mg
PRN, Pherergan, Actiq 600mcg(fentanyl suckers) for migraine breakthrough pain
 Doing engergy medicine!!!!
May God give you a reason to smile today, an extra reason to laugh, and bring joy to your soul.

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