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Posted By : Canada Mark - 9/28/2017 7:37 PM
Not sure what the rules are on here for posting commercial products but this thing is a life changer for me with IBD. Fistulizing Crohns-Colitis. I posted this on both boards.

Here is the link: /

I struggle with a semi active complex fistula - active now only when I experience IBS symptoms. This little attachment makes all the difference.

Aside from the obvious; Perhaps it's the water pressure here, but it is capable of actually delivering an enema after a BM if you really want it to. My fistula calms down right after and does not bother me for the rest of the day. It does not drain or 'leak' throughout the day after, plus things just feel so clean in that area. I wish I had known about this years ago. Perhaps simply using it would have stopped the fistula for me in the first place, though I realize the location of mine lends itself to this product whereas others may have them in locations further up.

It is even spray directional for men and women.

I got the cold water one which is super refreshing and does not bother me at all. I waited a few weeks before posting this to really be sure. But the effect is very positive for many reasons - less toilet paper use, less soreness after multiple BM's due to whipping, super clean feeling down there, hygienic especially for fisulas. No need for sitz baths after a BM and on and on.

I do hope his helps someone in a similar position or with similar IBD issues.

Posted By : gumby44 - 10/1/2017 12:09 PM
Thanks for sharing that! I have bad hemmies with IBD/IBS issues and I think it could help with that too.
58 yr. old female, diagnosed with Crohn's in terminal ileum Sept-Oct. 2007. Dx. with c.difficile 1/12, 10/14, 11/15, 1/16. Fecal transplant on 2/24/16, and so far, no more c.diff!

5/20/14: Ileo-colic resection surgery after stricturing and partial bowel obstruction.
Not currently on any Crohn's meds and in remission, but struggling with bad IBS.

Posted By : NiceCupOfTea - 10/1/2017 1:40 PM
I don't have fistulas but I do have a *lot* of issues with bile diarrhoea and it feeling like passing shards of glass at times - that area gets so sore, no matter how carefully and gingerly I wipe. Have been thinking of getting a bidet attachment for a while, but so far haven't taken the plunge. I'm a bit wary of getting only a cold water one, in case it's too cold during the winter (my bathroom turns into an ice box without the radiator on). And installing it looks complicated; I'm not sure I could do it by myself :/
Dx Crohn's in June 2000. (Yay skull)
Tried: 5-ASAs, azathioprine, 6MP, Remicade, methotrexate, Humira, diets.
1st surgery 20/2/13 - subtotal colectomy with end ileostomy.
2nd surgery 10/7/15 - ileorectal anastomosis. Stoma reversed and ileum connected to the rectum.
Current status: Chronic flare. Do I have any other kind?
Current meds: 50mg 6MP; Entyvio (started 3/11/16)

Posted By : iPoop - 10/1/2017 4:32 PM
You can get inexpensive travel-bidet and see if it helps.
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Taking the "oo" out of poo.

Posted By : Canada Mark - 10/2/2017 10:41 PM

iPoop makes a good point.

It was super simple to install really. 5 minutes tops, but I have done similar sorts of things before. I think it is easy enough that if you follow the installation video on the website it would be no problem for someone that is not used to doing this type of stuff. I was concerned about the cold water only aspect, but for whatever reason it doesn't bother me. It surprised me to be perfectly honest. I find it refreshing even on the cold mornings now. Was not expecting that.

Perhaps it's worth looking into, or heck, maybe there is one you can try somewhere. I really don't know why I waited so darn long. It makes perfect sense for someone with IBD when you sit back and think about it! haha.

I remember back when I was flaring I would dread wiping due to the pain and discomfort in that area from all the BM's, burning/stinging sensation while going and previous wiping. I would apply Vasaline to the toilet paper before wiping to make it less painful. Heck sometimes I would apply Vasaline before pooping!

The down side - I hate pooping at work now because it is just a plain old regular toilet. In fact regular toilets are now very disappointing...

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Posted By : NiceCupOfTea - 10/3/2017 6:49 AM
I looked into travel bidets - pretty sure I could achieve the same effect for nothing with a plastic squeezy bottle and a straw <_<. But it would be a good way of seeing if I could tolerate the cold temperatures at 4am in winter with no heating on.

@CM - I still dread wiping! Sometimes it's all right; other times it's a nightmare of burning and stinging and it's excruciating to pass even a few drops. Fairly obviously, the less often I go the better it becomes, but I don't think it ever heals 100%. And then I eat too much, or too much of the wrong thing, and the burning acidity starts up again. Calmoseptine is really soothing when it gets bad, but unfortunately pre-emptively applying it doesn't seem to work.

I also moisten toilet paper before wiping; I've gotten a dab hand at using the right amount of water. (I could use wet wipes but they're way more expensive and also terrible for the environment.)

Even if I go back to having an ileostomy, I still think a bidet could be really useful for rinsing off the end of the bag after emptying. I definitely want to get a bidet attachment for my toilet; I just have to find out whether cold water only is fine, or whether I should pay extra to get a warm water option.

Posted By : ambling - 10/3/2017 7:37 AM
Agree with you CM, for once smile. Put one in years ago and hate using regular toilets, and toilet paper, now. Definitely saved my butt.

You get used to the cold water after the first couple of times, even mid winter, and it is very soothing to what is usually an overheated area!

(Get a heater for your bathroom NCOT smile. It is too cold in the UK.)

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