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Posted By : claire - 4/14/2004 12:26 PM
I am really scared cause I thinkt that I might have Cystic Fibrosis and I am afraid to say anything to my parents cause I do not want to scare them

Posted By : Drea - 4/14/2004 4:38 PM
What makes you think that you have CF? do you have many symptoms? Your parents would probably want to know, if you have it and were diagnosed, you would be treated and you would feel better, and they would probably want you to feel your best.
Mom of Rachel 5 with CF and a boy on the way, no CF

Andrea, mom of Rachel, nearly 5 with CF

Posted By : MarkR - 9/2/2004 1:30 PM
Lets hear why tou think you have CF

Posted By : maribeth05 - 9/7/2004 1:27 PM
Hi. I'm Beth. I'm a 18 yr old  that has CF. I was dignosed with it as a baby and Ive lived with it throughout the years. I'm doing very well. to answer your question....if you think you have CF then you need to notify your docter. Talk to him about it. and also talk to your parents. normally your are dignosed with it as a child but I've heard of some cases where you just get it as you get older. I highly advice you to talk to your parents about this,. Let them know how your feeling...

Posted By : Citty - 9/7/2004 6:59 PM

Hi. nono You don't "just get it" as you get older. You are born with it. It is a genetic disease and part of your genetic makeup, where both parents have to be carriers of that gene. The disease may be very mild when you are born, so it is misdiagnosed as just asthma or not diagnosed at all, and then can progress as you do, but you don't just "get it." You always have it.

If you think you might have CF, then I agree, you need to go to your doctor and you need to tell your parents. The tests are absolutely painless. The sooner you are diagnosed then the sooner you can start treatments to prolong your life and keep you healthy. And if you have siblings, they should be tested as well, if you test positive, so they can also get treatment.

Let us know what the results are and we will help you work through it as best as we can. :-)


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