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Posted By : lyssiesmom - 5/4/2004 11:51 AM
Hi my daughter was dignosed with Cf in utero in 2002. the genedeltaf508. We had a good year through 2003 three just once a case of psedemonas. but rather healthy year but the start of this year we have had nothing but none stop greasy bowl movement s and she is only 16months old is already on 6 enzymes with every meal and thats about 5 meals a day and soon after out comes a greasy smelly stool very wet after every meal she is on Ultrase. should i be asking her doctor if she should be on a stronger ultrase? because she is also on previd thinking that might help with the acid but it has been a month and no change we see the pulm. on thursday well let every one know then.

Posted By : joyfull - 1/17/2005 12:12 AM
There are alot of different enzymes and it sounds like you need to be experiementing. It took us three different trials before we found that really helped. Good luck

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