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Posted By : Stiv - 6/12/2004 6:35 PM
Dun dun dunnnn... Lol.  Local anaesthetic and sedation... Sounds fun eh? :P
I'm having it done on the 28th, 3 days after my 18th birthday party, I won't need sedation, I'll still be drunk, lol.

- Stiv.

Posted By : Foxy23 - 6/26/2004 5:51 PM
Happy birthday! Don't worry, I had one put in two weeks ago. It's not that painful, just a dull sore pain that lasts about two weeks. You'll be glad you got one.


Posted By : Stiv - 7/2/2004 4:30 AM
Hey, thanks. =D
Well, it's been in for 4 days now.  Was planned for the left side, but once he'd got in there, the vein was blocked so it's ended up in my right side...
Dull pain's there, yeah.  Just where the skin's stretched over the port I think...
Anyway, should be fine soon. =D

- Stiv.

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