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Posted By : Citty - 6/13/2004 10:26 PM
Hi. My name is Citty. I am 24 and I'm having womanly issues and would liek any feedback from someone that is having the same issues. Besides having cf, I am also diabetic and have about 15 other diagnosed diseases that are all genetic. Yeh for me.....
My boyfriend and I are thinking of getting married, and I want to get my tubes tied. One, because of all the genetic things I can pass on, two all doctors have agreed that getting pregnant could easily kill me in the first trimester, I would have a 98% chance of not making it through delivery, not to mention what could and would happen or be passed on to the baby. I would have to go off all meds, be on bed rest throughout the whole pregnancy, and all the hormonal and chemical changes would just make it not a good idea.
So, I want to get my tubes tied to make double sure it won't happen, while still being on the birth control for regulating and cramps, which has stopped working anyway. I have also been bleeding for since January. Straight. No stopping....My gyno is completely against doing a dnc or tying my tubes due to having to go under the general and I am having a very very hard time finding someone else to do it. My CF doctor has written a note saying "It's okay" (I breathe at 95% large airways and 60% little airways)(yes, I have been lucky) as have my primary care and endo doctor. But, they just won't do it. Obviously if I get married then there is going to be intercourse, and with all meds and diseases the birthcontrol is not working and will never completely work as it should. My question is, has anyone else had this sort of trouble? with any kind of surgery, and what did you do about it? How do you find someone willing to help you? My gyno agrees that a dnc would be very helpfull in the constant bleeding, but she refuses to do it.  Any help or info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Posted By : Foxy23 - 6/26/2004 5:44 PM
Have you thought about having your CF doctor call and talk to your gyno? It couldn't hurt. My CF doctor has recommended me to a gyno that has worked with CF patients before. Maybe your's knows of someone. Good luck.


Posted By : Citty - 7/8/2004 6:26 PM
Well, this person is supposedly the best in her field and has worked especially with people with our issues. And she has been wonderful, except this one issue....

I am going to talk to the top doc ;-) next Thursday about it and see if he can recommened anyone else just for the surgery. She really is a good gyno, I think she is worried about the whole liability issue.

I'll let you know my cf doc says :-)

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